Smart Apps For Android: Animal Hide and Seek for Kids (best free Android apps for kids)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Animal Hide and Seek for Kids (best free Android apps for kids)

A great little app for preschoolers, Animal Hide & Seek is a simple tap-to-find game set in an African safari. Every page has five animals to find. In the beginning, the five animals are the same (e.g. five elephants or five giraffes), but as the game progresses, there are five out of up to nine different animals to find. As well as increasing the variety over the 12 different scenes, the animals become harder to spot. Three hints are provided to help your child locate hidden animals, but once the hints are gone, they are gone.

In-app purchase to upgrade for Forest Pack and unlimited hints
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What's free: Safari Pack and 3 hints
What's not free: Forest Pack and unlimited hints


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We love finding decent free apps on Android and this is one of them. It has excellent graphics, good audio (which can be turned off), is free with no ads and has an excellent presentation. Hide-and-seek apps are great for developing pre-reading skills in preschoolers. The animals are so well hidden by the end of the 12 scenes that there may only be the smallest glimpse of part of an animal's body behind a plant (which needs to be removed first before discovering the animal). The animals that are introduced in later scenes are also a lot smaller, and they may or may not be included in the five animals that are hidden.

Upon completing all 12 scenes, the app then loops back to the beginning, allowing the child to continue playing, or choose to do something else if they find the earlier scenes now too easy. There really is enough app in the free version of Animal Hide and Seek for Kids but if your child is really enjoying the Safari Pack, then a $0.99 purchase is really not a big deal to get the Forest Pack (and unlimited hints!). Definitely worth a download and check out our other hide-and-seek apps too! (see links at bottom of page)




Animal Hide and Seek is an absolutely free hidden object game designed specifically for children. Discover animals and share nature with your kids. Simple yet rich gameplay will help your child to improve creative thinking, reactions and decision making abilities.
★ designed specifically for children
★ help your kids to develop creative thinking
★ ideal for preschool activities
★ easy game mechanics for learning and fun
★ embark on an exciting journey into the world of nature
★ various landscapes grant hours upon hours of exciting gameplay

The puzzles have easy-to-catch mechanics and don't require any language skills. Even the youngest children will get involved into the magic world of hidden object for kids. There are 12 African landscapes in the hidden game, but every time you play the animals are masked in different locations, so you have an endless supply of amusement. No additional rules - just look for animals! Cheerful characters will give your kids hours upon hours of fun!

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