Smart Apps For Android: Busytown Mysteries (best free Android apps for kids)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Busytown Mysteries (best free Android apps for kids)

Trust Loud Crow to turn a classic into an app. I love how my favorite childhood authors are getting a new run with the next generation through apps such as this one. There will be no dog-eared pages, no ripped or torn or scribbled on pages, and these stories have just the right amount of interactive element to keep your little one engaged. Busytown Mysteries includes one free mystery story that will help your child improve their memory, develop critical thinking skills, practice sequencing and even learn to read. So what are you waiting for? Get this app!

In-app purchases for more mysteries
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What's free: One mystery (this mystery is available by Freeview.
You will need to purchase it to view it after the Freeview feature is over)
What's not free: Two more mysteries


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The story of the Strange Ski Tracks mystery is told through the dialogue of the characters. Each of the 14 pages/scenes has tap-to-read text to help children identify individual words in sentences, and to match the sound of the word with its written representation; essential skills for beginning readers. The story is enhanced by interactive sound effects and a couple of mini-games scattered throughout. This is a great story for sharing and eliciting predictions from children. The title song from the Canadian TV series Hurray for Huckle opens the app with other songs from the series being played throughout the story, and also at the end.

Although this app has in-app purchases to buy other Busytown Mysteries, you can disable in-app purchases in the settings of your device, or use a parental control app that blocks in-app purchasing. Apart from that, you can relax knowing your child is not being bombarded by ads. Better than a book and more interactive than a TV show, Busytown Mysteries is your next app download.




Join the colorful characters from Richard Scarry’s acclaimed books as they work together to solve some of Busytown’s toughest mysteries. Presented in a series of full-length interactive adventures called toontales, each Busytown mystery is designed to challenge your child’s deductive reasoning skills in a fun and informative way. Free to install, the Busytown app features multiple full-length toontale episodes, including one that is unlocked and available for you and your child to enjoy in “freeview” mode. Parents can permanently add this and any other Busytown toontale to their device by purchasing it in a gated and secure area of the app. And the best part? Users that stay “tooned-in” will enjoy future freeview releases and toontale episodes!

The first truly hybrid app experience, Busytown Mysteries combines educational and entertaining activities with dialogue, stories, animations and interactions.

So what are you waiting for? Help Huckle Cat solve the following Busytown mysteries:
Toontale 1 – The Strange Ski Tracks Mystery:
***Available in FREEVIEW mode***
Uncover the clues and test your memory to discover who’s been leaving tracks on the Busytown ski slope!
*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Memory Development and Recall

Toontale 2 – The Mystery Present:
Use your counting and matching skills to help Huckle solve the mystery behind the misplaced gift.
*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Number and Color Recognition

Toontale 3 – The Missing Pirate Gold:
Put your search and discovery powers to the test at Busytown beach and help Huckle unravel the mystery of the missing pirate gold.
*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Shape and Image Association

App Features:
- Each toontale includes two educational activities and three sing along karaoke sequences.
- An interactive summary that aids with deductive reasoning is included at the end of every toontale.
- Rich, responsive animations engage children in playful interactions with the characters.
- Learning tools like touch-to-speak technology, character-specific word highlighting and speech bubbles help children grasp pre-reading skills.
- Optimized for Tablets and HD Devices

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