Smart Apps For Android: Christmas Blabber Box (best free Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Blabber Box (best free Android apps for kids)

Your kids are going to love this one! Christmas Blabber Box is a puppet play type of app where the user provides the puppet's voice and controls the puppet's movements. You child chooses one of four characters: Santa, Elf, Nutcracker or Reindeer, then records a message, animating the character as s/he talks. The message is saved and then can be shared via Facebook, SMS or email. So much fun and a great way to spread the Christmas cheer.

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These kind of puppet play apps are excellent for expressing creativity. The choice of background and character, along with whatever accent/character voice your child uses, help your child's viewing literacy as the resulting video shows how these elements affect mood and understanding of the message. This could also be a great resource for children with special needs, to help them understand facial expressions and how they add meaning to spoken language. This app may even be helpful for children with Selective Mutism.

Christmas Blabber Box is also a wonderful tool for Common Core State Standards of English Language Arts in the area of Speaking & Listening - Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas. Children need to speak with clear diction for others to understand their message when spoken by a puppet. There are less visual cues and background understanding when the message is delivered by a puppet rather than a person.

Regardless of the educational value of this app, it is uber-fun and very Christmassy and a must-download for the whole family. Get it now.



Make your own talking Santa, talking Elf, nutcracker, or even a reindeer! You get to control a character and record your voice with it for some hilarious fun!

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
[✔] Swipe to get your character
[✔] Set the mood by choosing a background
[✔] Record and talk while you control a characters movements at the same time.
[✔] Record up to 30 seconds of video
[✔] Save your videos and play them back anytime
[✔] Share your saved videos with friends

[✔] Talking Santa
[✔] Talking North Pole Elf
[✔] Talking Nutcracker
[✔] Talking Red nosed reindeer

[✔] Watch it Snow
[✔] Share over email, SMS, or Facebook
[✔] Holiday themed backgrounds

This app is intense and requires a newer Android device in order to use it correctly. Multi-touch is required, and a fast processor! If you see weird things happening when you animate your characters don't say we didn't warn you!

Loads and loads of Holiday fun. Just imagine if Santa had a special message for someone you know? How about an Elf telling someone what Santa is up to this year? Maybe even let that ole reindeer let off some steam! It's all up to you! You make the movie! Create, save, share..

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