Smart Apps For Android: Dr Panda's Supermarket (best Android apps for kids)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dr Panda's Supermarket (best Android apps for kids)

I cannot wait to see my daughter's face when she discovers this on the tablet! Dr Panda is a big favorite in our household and shopping is also a favorite activity of my girls. My oldest daughter prefers real shops, but my younger daughter loves to role-play shopping with her toy till and pretend groceries. Now she will be able to play-shop on the go! Dr Panda's Supermarket has a series of mini-games for children to practice matching, fine-motor control, problem solving, categorizing and spatial awareness. An absolute bargain for $0.99!

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Eleanor reviewed this at Smart Apps For Kids, and give it four stars! This was her bottom line: "Visit the supermarket and do some shopping and recycling with furry friends in this latest set of role-playing minigames in the Dr. Panda series for preschoolers." Dr Panda apps are very popular with preschoolers and an essential set to add to any new device.

Dr Panda (a doctor of what exactly?) waits patiently in the supermarket for his customers to come. As the animals enter, the player has the choice of filling the trolley for the animal, or choosing one of the other many mini-games. In the warehouse, there are boxes that need to be put away, according to their shape. The trolleys need to be collected from outside and brought in. Fresh produce needs to be labeled, candy can be scooped into a bag while groceries need to be scanned and paid for. Rubbish needs to be sorted and customers need to be helped into waiting vehicles, along with their bags of groceries.

Lots of fun to be had while learning essential early development skills. Another must-have app for your Android device.




★ Winner of the Children's Tech Review Editor's Choice Award!
★ "Great app for toddlers and preschoolers which will help to practice fine motor, creative play, critical thinking skills."
★ "The app in its entirety is solid and entertaining."

If your kid has ever wanted to run their own store, here’s their chance! In Dr. Panda’s Supermarket your kid will work on their organizational and spatial skills while playing fun, store-themed minigames. Helping animals find the foods they need, weighing different vegetables, wrangling shopping carts and organizing crates of food in the back are just a few of the many activities waiting in store for your 2-6 year old (and you ;))!

Key Features:
- Over 10 store-themed minigames, from using a shopping list to organizing differently shaped boxes!
- Learn about numbers and money
- No text, and a child-friendly UI that’s easy for even the youngest kids to play and enjoy on their own
- 6 different animals and their cute children that come to shop.
- Kid-safe: No third-party advertising or in-app purchases.
- Robust parental controls
- Lots of fun secrets to discover on every screen

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