Smart Apps For Android: Fully Free App Friday for Dec. 20, 2013 (best free Android kids apps)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fully Free App Friday for Dec. 20, 2013 (best free Android kids apps)

Welcome to our first Free App Friday! Each Friday we are going to publish a list of completely free apps, containing NO in-app purchases. They are FULLY FREE!

Your feedback is valuable to us, so please comment below on which apps you like best, or even share apps that you have found for future posts. Without further ado, let's get downloading! Woot!

** Please note ** Pricing and dates are correct at the time of publishing. We endeavour to only include apps that have no in-app purchases and no advertising. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free.**

Pocket Penguins

Pocket Penguins provides an intimate view into our live African penguin exhibit. Watch the birds swim, dive, flirt, nest and relax from any one of three live webcams. Listen in as Academy biologists answer questions from visitors during meal time, daily at 10:30am and 3:00pm PST. If you enjoy this free application, please consider making a donation of $5 via SMS to help the Academy in its mission to explore, explain and protect the natural world. Text PENGUINS to 20222.

Disclaimer: Please note that this app depends largely on your wireless network’s quality of service and data rates may apply. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

   FREE                                        FREE                                     FREE
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Appstore          Barnes & Noble Nook

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Lego Star Wars

For hundreds of years Yoda™ has trained the Jedi Knights™ of the future, but never for something like this. The Dark Side is preparing a weapon more powerful than any Jedi™ has ever faced before. Play now to take control of the galaxy!

Build, create and control your favorite characters and vehicles to smash your enemy, solve puzzles and complete challenges within the LEGO® Star Wars™ universe

   FREE                                        FREE                                       FREE
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Kindle Fire          Samsung Apps Mobile

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Flipboard brings together world news and social news in a beautiful magazine designed for your Android phone and tablet. Once you pick a few topics, your Flipboard is built and you can instantly start flipping through the pages of news you care about and stories and photos friends are sharing. And with Flipboard 2.0, when you find things that you want to save for later or collect into your own ‘magazine’ on Flipboard, just tap the “plus” + button on any item. Flip through the news from your Twitter timeline as well as from outlets like the Financial Times, USA Today and The Verge. See everything from posts and photos shared by friends on Facebook and Instagram to videos from YouTube and pop culture nuggets from Rolling Stone. Find inspiration for your travel, style and life from places like National Geographic, Etsy and Cool Hunting. Or create your own magazines on anything from Cooking to Chemistry.

   FREE                                        FREE
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Appstore

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Puzzle Cloud

A cute puzzle game designed for kids featuring adorable human and animal characters and beautiful natural scenes. Each puzzle features different scenes in space, prehistoric earth, fantasy settings, under the sea, snow landscapes, sea and nature. This game features different kind of animals: dinos, dragons, elephants, bears, dogs, rhinos, lions, penguins and many others. Some puzzles include human characters as well, like: an astrounaut, a wizard, a knight, a princess.

Available on Amazon Appstore

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Square Off

Square-Off is a strategy game from School Zone that helps with focus, cognitive development, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It’s great for young learners and fun for all ages! Compete with a friend in two-player mode or play against a built-in opponent. Choose from three levels of play for added challenge. The goal is to complete the most squares. Players take turns placing a line (vertical and horizontal lines only) between adjacent dots. Touch between the dots to add a line.

With one-person play, make the first move, and the app’s built-in opponent moves immediately after. The line it adds will continue to blink until your next move. It takes four lines to make a square. Be careful, so your human or electronic competitor doesn’t add the fourth line! An “ownership” icon will appear in each square, depending on who completes the fourth line. The score indicator at the bottom of the screen shows which player’s turn is next. The game continues until all the squares are completed, and the winner is the player with the most squares. Choosing “Play” at the end of a game shuffles the puzzle for a new challenge and the opportunity to improve. Names and scores get tracked in the player Hall of Fame. Beat your last score with the next game, and move up in the ranking!

   FREE                                        FREE                                   FREE
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Appstore          Barnes & Noble Nook

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Making Salad

Description Your kids will learn basic math, counting, and vocabulary while learning how to make a salad! Join Emma and her mom on this one of a kind shopping adventure as they go in search of the ingredients needed to make salad. In this engaging game your little one will develop their mathematical vocabulary as they learn to differentiate between the concepts more and less. It’s one of the best ways to build counting skills while still keeping kids entertained for hours on end.

Get it on Google Play

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Kids Shapes (Preschool)

A hands-on, real-life way for kids to learn shapes. Wouldn't it be just wonderful if there was a simple game for preschoolers and kindergarten-aged children that made learning shapes enjoyable? There is! It's called Kids Shapes. Your child will learn to recognize shapes in their real-life context. The shapes currently included are circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus and oval. The game does not overload children and parents with too many audio and visual stimuli. Coping with stress and over-stimulation is therefore one skill that your kids won't be practicing during this game. Its clear focus makes the game a delight for children and a winning choice for parents. Our games are laser focused. For example, the numbers game doesn't teach letters, and the letters game doesn't teach math. We keep the games simple but magically inviting and nourishing. We strive to give children just the right balance between education and fun. So our games don't feature fun at the expense of education – or education at the expense of fun. We also know games that are too complicated don’t involve and delight kids.

   FREE                                        FREE                                         FREE
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Appstore          Windows Phone

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Educational Games For Kids 2

Let your kids unleash their imagination with Yogome's Draw & Stickers FREE
Kids can create drawings and save them on the device

Amazing Features
★ 15+ Avatars
★ 10 cool Backgrounds
★ 10+ Stickers
★ 3 Paint modes
★ 20+ Colors

Get it on Google Play

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Mommy Hurries Home

“Mommy Hurries Home” — an interactive e-book for children by Glowberry Books and PocketBook Every page’s original live-action animation, a captivating plot, colorful illustrations and a book’s text read by professional narrators in Russian, Ukrainian and English turn reading into a lively process that holds child’s attention for a long time. This interactive story will make a nice surprise and a wonderful entertainment for kids aged 3-12. And not only for kids!

“Mommy Hurries Home” was created as an interactive e-book for a multimedia reader PocketBook A 10’’ with a 10-inch multisensor display. Besides, the book can be run on Android devices with a platform version 2.1 and higher.

Get it on Google Play

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My Spelling

Need an App to help your 5-12 year old kids practice their spelling? My Spelling is here to meet all your spelling word, spelling test, spelling list, spelling homework, spelling bee and spelling game needs. It was designed by the Cuddly Dragon team's kids to make doing their spelling easier and “way more fun”, so chances are your kids will love it too.

Features include:
* Create spelling lists for each week.
* Don't know what your spelling words mean? My Spelling will tell you.
* Do spelling tests to learn your spelling words.
* Helpful marking and encouragement.
* Don't have spelling words? My Spelling will create some for you or retrieve from SpellingCity.
* Collect rewards for doing your spelling tests.
* Awesome spelling games for kids, including hangman.

Get it on Google Play

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