Smart Apps For Android: LEGO Speedorz: Legends of Chima (best free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

LEGO Speedorz: Legends of Chima (best free Android apps for kids)

Another free LEGO app! This time by Warner Bros, who also made Gravity: Don't Let Go. Speedorz is an arcade style racing game based on the LEGO set, World of Chima. This free app starts with limited options to customize the mini-figure avatar and choice of Speedor vehicle. As races are won and game currency is earned, more options are unlocked, with each vehicle having slightly different strengths and weaknesses. This app is really suited to a younger age set and would be particularly handy on long car trips over the vacation period.

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The story goes that the inhabitants of Chima found it necessary to build a fast form of transportation in order to travel across the vast realm of Chima. The Speedor was developed using a wheel carved out of stone and possessing amazing power and strength. The Speedor races came about through the need to settle tribal disputes, but are also used as a sporting event. A little sporting competition is healthy and sometimes necessary for a balanced emotional development.

Speedorz is the kind of app you will need to put a time limit on for your little one, otherwise s/he will play continually, endeavoring to reach the next achievement and unlock new mini-figure parts/Speedor vehicles. The Chi booster is a handy bonus to gain extra speed and therefore complete the race in a faster time. It may cause a lot of skidding and make control of the vehicle difficult, however, it is possible to win a race without touching the controls at all (the Speedor will drive itself). This makes it a great game for toddlers who may not have reached the end otherwise. Helps with goal setting and is great fun, all for the low price of free!



Customize your animal minifigure, hop on a Speedor, and race through the Kingdom of CHIMA!
• Battle through the Falling Jungle, the Rhino Canyon and the Swamps against the best Speedor riders in CHIMA
• Win races to face new challenges and unlock more difficult routes
• Face off against Laval and Cragger as well as other famous CHIMA characters
• Unleash the power of CHI to boost your Speedor
• Reach furious speeds and avoid obstacles to post the fastest times
• Unlock new items to customize your character and collect studs to buy new Speedorz
• Compete against opponents in the Tribe Cup
• Boost your Speedor using CHI to become temporarily invincible and smash through objects without slowing down
• Look out for helpful hints and tips on loading screens
• Explore the world of CHIMA with links to new Videos and News from the website
• Introducing Vault Rewards! Complete achievements to unlock CHIMA Vault Codes. Use the codes on the CHIMA Vault website to receive your rewards.

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