Smart Apps For Android: Magic Christmas Coloring Book (best free Christmas Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Magic Christmas Coloring Book (best free Christmas Android apps for kids)

Imagine your child waking on Christmas morning and running to the window in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Santa. The window has frosted over, however, and a warm cloth must be used to clear the icy covering from the glass. Christmas Coloring Book is a swipe-to-reveal kind of coloring book, a bit like a cause and effect app. Each scene is covered with ice crystals or snowflakes, which can be cleared with a swipe of the finger. This app is suited to toddlers or perhaps special needs children who have difficulty with fine motor control.  There are seven scenes included in this free app, with no in-app purchases for more. What you see is what you get.

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There is no chance of coloring outside the lines with this app! A simple swipe reveals the scene, while soothing instrumental Christmas songs play in the background. Well, the songs are only soothing if you do not associate them with shops packed with people going mad in the silly season, hustling and bustling, trying to get the best Christmas bargains. The music is great quality, however, much better than "lift music" and almost worth downloading the app for.

Christmas Coloring Book could be used for fine motor practice if the child is given a small piece of sponge, like those used for handwriting programs. Gripping the sponge will develop a pincer grip and strengthen muscles used for handwriting, without having to focus on accuracy of letter formation. Another great free Christmas app to add to your school or home tablet for the kids. Get it now; there is no time like the present! (Get it? "present" ..... <groan> )




December is coming soon. It’s a month of exciting and cheerful expectation of the most important winter holidays – Christmas and New Year. In this application we give you an opportunity to draw and paint wonderful Christmas pictures by melting frostwork with the warmth of your hands. We’d like to turn the expectation of Christmas into the real holiday for children and adults!

This coloring book is also an opportunity to look into our next Christmas Advent Calendar app. It will give some gifts to you every day of December. And it's the first news from Santa Claus who is going to visit us soon.

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