Smart Apps For Android: Plume's School - Saving Christmas Lite (best free Android apps for kids)

Monday, December 09, 2013

Plume's School - Saving Christmas Lite (best free Android apps for kids)

Looking for a cute little app for your cute little "Santa's helper"? Saving Christmas is a great app for introducing your toddler/preschooler to the festival of Christmas. This app includes flashcards of Christmas words and mini-games with Christmas themes. This lite version has 10 mini-games included but if your child really gets hooked, another 65 mini-games will set you back for less than a dollar! Great value!


In-app purchase for full version
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What's free: 10 mini-games
What's not free: 65 mini-games



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Three difficulty levels make this suitable for children of all abilities and the fabulous illustrations engage and delight this younger age bracket. The various mini-games are designed to increase vocabulary, improve comprehension, strengthen memory, enhance spatial awareness, sharpen spelling and cultivate culture. All this for free? Seriously!

Upcoming features of this app include the ability to make profiles and track progress. That will be very handy for families with more than one small child who will be using this app! Aetys are another of our Android Developers of Note because of their high quality apps, that are fun, educational and do not contain ads. If you could put this app in a stocking, it would make a great stocking filler. Get it!




Come and discover Plume’s world !

This app leads your child through:
· Learning basic vocabulary
· Following simple commands
· Practicing the alphabet
· Reinforcing memory skills and recall speed
· Practicing fine motor skills
· Having fun!

Designed for children ages 18 months through 7 years, Plume’s World allows kids to choose activities, based on Montessori methods. Users will find three different levels corresponding to three educational steps and two differents modes.

Game types:
Quiz: A fun quiz that asks the child to match words and images. In Level 1, the quiz focuses on discovering new vocabulary. In Level 2, users tap on the Christmas image that matches the written word. In Level 3, the challenge is reversed and users must find the written word that corresponds to the image. Each area includes five questions, giving kids a chance to learn and practice more than 40 new words. Users must demonstrate mastery of a word before a new one is introduced.

Puzzles: Each word is available as a puzzle for the youngest users

Memory game: Have fun with this memory challenge featuring three levels of difficulty. Users are asked to match written words with images as well as audio words with their written counterparts.

Link the pair: Use your finger to link the matching pictures in Level 1, or the word and the corresponding image in Levels 2 and 3. An audio hint is available in Level 2, but is not accessible in Level 3, so that beginning readers have more of a challenge.

Word Scramble: Kids unscramble letters to form words. Hints are provided at Level 2, but not at Level 3 for an increased challenge.

Bubbles game: Is your child quick enough to pop the bubbles with the indicated images before they float off into the sky? Available at all three levels.

Book: For younger children, each word featured in the app is highlighted in an interactive book.

Sticker game: Each success gives your child stars that will be transformed into new stickers. Users interact with the stickers, learn to move them about on the screen, and pinch in and out to scale them. Available at all three levels.

Parent Section
A settings page allows parents to choose the app’s language (English or French), mute the music ...
This app, built by a team of parents and professional educators, will do so much to help your child ages 2-7 grow academically. Kids use the app independently, and have so much fun with it that they don’t even know how much they’re learning.

Available in English and French.
Plume’s World contains no in-app purchases, no advertising, no data collection, and no external links in the kid-friendly area.

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