Smart Apps For Android: Santa Cam FX (best free Christmas Android apps for kids - has great free version)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa Cam FX (best free Christmas Android apps for kids - has great free version)

Elf on the shelf has nothing on this app! Santa Cam FX will really bring the magic of Christmas alive for your child as you provide real evidence of Santa having visited. This app is to be used by parents only or the spirit of Christmas will die a sudden and painful death. Santa Cam FX allows you to video Santa and his elves right in your own house and give your children an amazing surprise when they wake on Christmas morning. Loads of fun and deviously sneaky, this is definitely a must-download.


In-app purchases for the Santa Pack and the Elf Pack
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What's free: Elfie pack of 16 videos and Tooth fairy pack of 2 videos
What's not free: Santa pack of 20 videos and Elf pack of 20 videos


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Sick of eating cookies and drinking milk? Tired of the same old footprint tricks and fake reindeer poop? Then this is the app for you! Videos of Santa and his elves are superimposed onto your own house and make it look like you caught Santa in the act. Your kids will doubt you no more when they see that Santa has visited not just once, but multiple times.

Videos are saved to the device for later viewing and there is also the option to share via Facebook, YouTube or email. Older kids may like to use this app to create their own videos, in which they perform with Santa or his elves and then share the video with younger siblings, or their friends for hilarious results! Santa Cam FX has a lock on the app to prevent younger children discovering your secret. Go make some magic today (we won't tell!).



Prove Santa exists by creating magic videos of Santa in your home and truly capture the magic of Christmas. Build an interactive story line in the weeks leading up to Christmas with videos featuring Santa's helper, "Elfie", who can magically appear when and where you want. Add to the magic with a group of zany elves who love to have fun. Have fun creating multiple videos and keep the magic alive in your household. Santa Cam FX gives you the ability to place Santa Claus, his helper Elfie and his Fun Elves in your very own home using your mobile device. Simply film the setting where you would like Santa, Elife or the Fun Elves to appear and Santa Cam FX superimposes them onto your video.

1. Choose your character on the Scene page. Select Elfie, Fun Elves or Santa Claus.
2. Select one of the videos from the Sets page.
3. Film the setting you would like the character to appear in -OR- select a pre-made video from your device's gallery.
4. Santa Cam FX will place the character of your choice in your movie.

That’s It! Santa Cam FX will create a real-life movie proving that you've captured a video of Santa and his magic elves in your home.

SHARE THE MAGIC with friends and family directly from Santa Cam FX using:
- Email
- Facebook
- Youtube
- Save your movie to your device library to share later.

- 16 free videos of Elfie
- 20 videos of Elf Fun available through in-app purchase
- 20 videos of Santa Claus available through in-app purchase
- 1 video of Santa Claus' reindeer and magic sleigh available through in-app purchase

Tooth Fairy FX available with Santa Cam FX download. It doesn't have to be Christmas to surprise your little ones with your "magic camera". Reveal the Tooth Fairy collecting a lost tooth from under your child's pillow.

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