Smart Apps For Android: Santa's Magic Phone (best Android apps for kids - has good free version)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa's Magic Phone (best Android apps for kids - has good free version)

Ever found yourself threatening a naughty child with the possibility of  Santa not coming to visit? Do you find your children often take more notice when admonished by other adults? Then this app is for you! Santa's Magic Phone is a super fun app that gives your children a phone call from Santa. Parent controls allow adults to choose whether their children have been naughty or nice, and the phone call from Santa will adjust accordingly. There are loads of other features included in this app, such as coloring pages, storybooks, wishlists, you simply must try it!


In-app purchases to unlock magic phone, unlock magic stories, unlock magic coloring pages, or unlock all of Santa's magic
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What's free: One child profile, two coloring pages, one storybook, wish hotline, choice of two stockings, a couple of behavior options
What's not free: Another 14 child profiles (although the first six children's stockings don't seem to appear hanging above the hearth), another 10 coloring pages, another two storybooks, over 50 naughty and nice behaviors


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If you have a single child, or only one child young enough to fall for this, then the free version will definitely suffice. Your child will get a thrill when Santa calls to say that they have been good and deserve a star. They may be equally thrilled to receive a phone call/text from Santa when they have been naughty! Parents put in the requests for Santa to call/text and choose from the behavior options, then set phone to respond after a delay (from five seconds up to two minutes). There are over 20 naughty behaviors and over 30 nice behaviors to choose from, including trying new foods, going to the potty, not sharing and being a sore loser.

Children can also make a call to Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas. This is how they can know that Santa is real, because they share their wishlist with him over the phone, out of earshot of their parents. Little do they know that the message is recorded and listened to by their parent later. If the gift is unreasonable, then the parent can send a message to the child from Santa with some excuse as to why they might not be getting it. Too much fun (for parents!) and another Christmas magic making app that is a must download.




iPhone's Favorite Santa App is now available for Android! Featured On NBC5, The Daily Herald, Appolicious. Want Santa to call your child on demand? There's an app for that! Call, and get called, with your personal direct line to Santa. Santa's Magic Phone Deluxe is an essential tool that every parent and child should have. This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true phone calling or SMS functionality.

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** Parents, Create PERSONALIZED Messages when Santa calls your child **
- Select from numerous Naughty or Nice prerecorded messages, such as Good Job Being Polite, You’re Off the Naughty List!, Not Listening, Misbehaving, and more.
- PERSONALIZE certain calls by recording your voice, and we will digitally disguise your voice as Milo, Santa’s Elf! Santa will then ask Milo a question during the call, and Milo will bring details into the phone call that your child would have never imagined! “Wow Mommy! How did Santa know I was polite with little Johnny?” Receive the call at your choosing for the ultimate reaction.
- For certain Naughty or Nice calls, Santa will tell the kids if they get a star, or remove a star, on their list. You'll be amazed of how kids happy kids are to keep count of their stars!
- Calls from Santa are of the highest quality.
- Santa can also “Text Message” your child! Create a text message to address any situation: “Santa is very glad to see that you studied so hard for your Spelling test. I’m very proud of you!”

** Kids can Call Santa Anytime, Too! **
- Children can call Santa to tell him their Gift lists as many times as they like, whenever they like.
- Parents can later listen to these wishlists, and find out Christmas lists for all their children. How Sneaky!
“This is one of those fantastic apps that both you and your kids don’t want to miss!

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