Smart Apps For Android: Save The Day (best free Android apps for kids)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Save The Day (best free Android apps for kids)

TinyTap creates apps that turn moments into games. This is a simple app designed to help very young children identify the role of helpers in our community. Seven scenes are presented with situations that need a community helper to Save The Day. A mobile phone shows the options and the user simply needs to tap the right community helper. A great way to begin conversations about safe behaviour with your child, this is definitely one to have on your Android device.

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As children reach school age, they begin to wonder where their place is in the world. Kindergarten curriculum normally includes a "Who Am I?" theme that begins with finding out about the body, and then broadens out to include the family, and then the community. Different roles in the community are highlighted, especially ones that will provide some kind of protection for children. At this age, children need to be with a responsible adult, and if they get lost, we teach them to find a community helper. Save The Day  reinforces who those people are and what their job is.

This app could be used as a launching pad to have those discussions with your child, to teach them how to use your phone to dial Emergency Services, to meet people in these roles in your local community and to create your own book about people in your community. You could even use another TinyTaps app to create your own interactive book about people and places in your local area that are safe places for your child to go if they get lost. A well presented app, with no ads or in-app purchases and definitely a bargain for free!



Learning how to behave in emergency situations has never been more fun and engaging!

The streets are in havoc and everyone needs your help! Your kids can save the day in this interactive and dynamic visual perception game. When faced with different daily situations, your child must choose which professional will be able to assist. With cute characters and an easy to navigate layout, this fun game is the perfect way to teach about professions and daily life issues. Whether they see a police man, fire fighter, mailman or other professionals, after this game, your kids will know what tasks these jobs entail.

* Your child will:
- Learn to identify different professions
- Learn about day to day situations
- Develop their visual perception skills
- Improve problem solving skills

* Features
- Quality graphics
- Kid-friendly interface
- Highly interactive and intuitive to use
- Includes positive reinforcement through audio and quality designs
- Allows independent play

Sit back and relax, while your child plays and explores in this age-appropriate free game you can fully rely on. Make your kid’s early learning experience exciting, fun and absolutely family friendly.

Here’s what others are saying about Save the Day:
“For all those Toca Boca fans out there, this is an exciting app that you will love!”
“I’m so thankful my kids found this game - they always remember what they learnt best when they have fun doing it!”
“Finally a series of kids games you can trust!”
Save the Day is just one in a series of many TinyTap games. Your child will love our other educational games and will have a blast learning about anything from colors to reading, visual perception, math, logic and much more!

* TinyTap
Own an iPad or iPhone?

Create your own games like this one on the free TinyTap game creation platform for iOS!
TinyTap lets you turn everyday moments into personalized educational kids games. With TinyTap learning is a personalized and fun experience which can be tailored to suit a child’s unique educational needs.

Creating a game is simple. It’s also the best way to turn precious moments into memories that can be relived every time you play the game. All you need are some pictures and narration. In a matter of seconds you have an educational game that’s not only fun but will develop your child’s creativity in unimaginable ways.

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