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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sight Words Coach (best free educational apps for kids)

Sight Words Coach is a great little sight words app, not only because you can set how many words are read per game (from three up to 15), but also because it tracks the progress of your child (see image of Recent Results below). Using the Dolch sight words set, you can choose what level your child is at or have them read sight words from all levels. Correctly read words are rewarded with a sticker, and incorrectly read words are given a disappointed smiley face. You cannot go past this excellent free educational resource!

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Sight words are basic building blocks to reading. A good foundation of sight words launches children into the world of books and gives them the confidence to learn to read. Children with special needs, for example Down Syndrome, are encouraged to build a bank of 50 sight words before learning phonics. Sight words are the beginning of the way we all read eventually. Sounding out words only helps with new words, but once fluency is reached, we read by sight, not sounding out.

There are no images with these words, so children will need to learn the word purely by it's size and shape and every incorrectly read word re-appears more often than the others for extra practice. Results can be reset, so progress could be tracked for a set time, say three weeks, and then reset for another three week session. Multiple profiles would be a handy addition to this app, and/or email results for teachers/homeschoolers to have a more permanent record of their children's progress.




Now your child can practice Sight Words away from the computer!

This fun game covers all five levels of Dolch Sight Words. It makes the most of the study time by remembering which words are more challenging to your child and asking them more often.

The importance of complete Sight Words mastery cannot be overstated. These are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. They number only about 200, but make up approximately 50 to 70 percent of any general, non-technical text. Therefore, fast recognition of Sight Words is an essential part of functional literacy. Playing just five minutes a day with this game could make a dramatic difference in your child's academic future.

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