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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowflake (best free Android apps for kids)

Do you find yourself picking up lots of tiny pieces of cut up paper at this time of year? All the leftover confetti from kids cutting snowflakes make it seem like a blizzard has hit sometimes. Snowflake is a creativity app that will give your child opportunity to design something delicate and share with others to have them rate it. There is not a lot I can say about this app; it is the virtual version of cutting a piece of paper to make a snowflake. This free version comes with a limit of 150 cutting nodes, and if you feel that limits your creativity, the unlimited version will set you back a buck.

Although there is a button to view the gallery, consisting of snowflakes created by users all over the internet, there are no external links


   FREE                                     $1.00 Unlimited
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The snowflake created with this app is a six-pointed snowflake. There is no option to change that, which is ok since real snowflakes are actually six-pointed. To cut the snowflake, the player simply drags a finger over the triangle to trace out the cutting line. As I mentioned, the free version gives limited cuts, but some pretty amazing snowflakes can still be created with the amount of cuts allowed. These incredible creations are then saved to the gallery, which can be viewed and rated by other users of the app. The challenge then would be to create a snowflake that gets a high rating and appears at the beginning of the "Best" section of the gallery.

There are no ads, in-app purchase or external links in this app which is almost unheard of with a free Android app. Snowflake is a superb Christmas app option for littlies for this very reason, and one that I am more than happy to recommend to you as a must-download.




Do you like to make paper snowflakes? Then you are going to LOVE making them on Android.
Make slight movements with your hands, cut off extra paper, and create a beautiful snowflake – is there anything easier?
You became really good and your snowflakes are true masterpieces? Put them in the gallery and get appropriate grades. And if you are a novice then check out the gallery of the best snowflakes. With some practice your own creations will soon be among the best!

1. The most convenient way to cut a snowflake – just draw a line of cutting with your finger.
2. Increase the size of the image to make more precise cuts.
3. Take a look at the snowflake you cut, go back to editing mode and improve it (unlimited version).
4. Cancel the last cut you made if you do not like it.
5. Save your snowflake to the gallery.
6. Review and grade snowflakes in the gallery (new, the best, yours)

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