Smart Apps For Android: A Week With Slim Cricket (best Android apps for kids)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Week With Slim Cricket (best Android apps for kids)

The first thing I love about this app is that the week begins with Monday. It is a constant debate in our house, when the week officially begins. Slim Cricket is a charismatic little character who enlists your child's help to complete an array of tasks throughout the week. Six mini-games are included in the full version of A Week With Slim Cricket (the first two being available in the lite version) which will improve your child's reflexes, spatial awareness, strengthen memory and hand-eye coordination, as well as developing matching and categorizing skills. All this can be done in English or French!

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Straight up your child will get addicted to this app. "Save my candies" is a whack-a-mole type of game where the player needs to squish cockroaches and spiders before the creepy crawlies eat Slim's pile of candies. Not for the squeamish, the sound effects are impressive, and the bugs increase in number as the time runs out. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall" is an original puzzle game that has odd shaped pieces of varying sizes (it may prove a challenge to little ones) and displays a completed picture of the player (using the camera). Kids love to see themselves in games!

"Simon concert" is a Simon Says type of memory game where the player repeats the melody that is played. It requires listening carefully, paying attention and remembering an increasingly difficult sequence. "Fruit picking in the forest" is Thursday's activity and is another game involving hand-eye coordination. This time, fruit is falling out of the trees and the player needs to tilt the device to catch the fruit in the basket. Another timed game, and easily addictive!

"Matching pairs" is a classic memory game, this one having a time limit, which could work against improving memory skills! "Deep Sea Diving" requires the player to identify which sea creature is the odd one out. This is actually a great pre-reading skill that helps kids distinguish between similar looking letters. The final day of the week, Sunday (yes! it IS the last day of the week - being part of the weekEND), is the day to relax. Oh hang on, there is a surprise on Sunday! But I will not spoil it for you. You just need to download the app to find out!




"Discover the world of Slim Cricket through a series of mini-games: original games, classics or revisited, everybody will find what they like.
✪ Save candies
✪ Reform a puzzle with your own picture
✪ Replay a melody
✪ Collect fruits with the inclination of the Ipad
✪ Find pairs
✪ Identify «the odd one »
✪ And a surprise to unlock

All the senses of your child will be used: reflexes, memory, classification, listening, recognition, and dexterity. After « The Witch With No Name » and « Victor is Cold » Slim Cricket offers a playful approach to discover the days of the week. Share these moments with your child on your tablet or smartphone

✪ 6 Various Games in 3D
✪ A surprise to unlock
✪ 18 stars to win
✪ Available in French and English
✪ Unexpected use of the camera
✪ Wonderfully illustrated, with animated characters
✪ With original music

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