Smart Apps For Android: Bogga Vacation Lite (free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bogga Vacation Lite (free Android apps for kids)

Getting cabin fever from being snowed in? Feeling like you just want to get away from it all? Have a Bogga Vacation! Designed for toddlers and preschoolers, this activity app will have them completing puzzles, following instructions and creating sandcastles. The full version adds juice making and a hide-and-seek activity. Really excellent quality audio and graphics with absolutely no ads make this a must-have app for your little one.

In-app purchase for full version (via link to Google Play)
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What's free: Packing the suitcase, checking in at the airport, making sandcastles
What's not free: making your own juice and finding treasures


   FREE                                        $1.99
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE                                         $2.99
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Bogga Vacation Lite has just enough content to keep your toddler happy and coming back to play. There is a sense of satisfaction when all the steps of going on vacation are completed: packing the suitcase, checking in at the airport, flying to the destination. Upon arrival at the tropical island, kids are engaged in making sandcastles. Children choose the large or small bucket to fill (with three scoops of sand) and then place it in one of three positions. Up to six bucketfulls of sand can be placed, and then decorated with a collection of flags, seaweed, shells, stones and starfish. When the sandcastle is finished, it can be raked over and started again. The full version gives the option to take a snapshot of the finished creation.

My youngest daughter absolutely loves pretend-play and these role-playing kind of apps are just about her favorite. I have noticed that recently that she often goes for the new apps that have a catchy icon, usually with a face (which Bogga Vacation Lite has), but then she always goes back to the apps that have her pretending to do real-life activities. Does that mean I need to get her out more? It is a sad state of affairs when we start real-life pretending of apps, instead of the apps being a reflection of real-life! Bogga Vacation Lite is well worth a look, and it will not turn your child's brain to mush.  Get it!




"Kids, pack your things! Now you can fly off to a tropical island and build sand castles without getting your hands all wet and sandy! Bogga Vacation Lite is a FREE, digital toy for kids, packed with super fun activities that stimulates creativity and logic. Enjoy a summer trip whenever you feel like it!

* A suitcase with things you need for the trip
* Tickets and passport
* A cute airplane
* Tools for castle making
* No stress, just play and the joy of discovering
* Original colorful design
* No third-party advertising
* No in-app purchases

"If you love Toca Boca apps, then you will LOVE this as well!!"
"Similar to the Dr. Panda kids games!"

* Learn about planning a trip
* Interpret signs
* Stimulate logic by sorting shapes and forms, and problem solving
* Boost creativity through bulding and decoration

"From the soothing sounds of the ocean as kids build sand castles to the fly buzzing around as kids pack their suitcase, the graphics and sounds make Bogga Vacation a high-quality app."

Bogga Vacation Lite is suitable for children aged 2+

Boggatap is a small, independent game studio, that creates kids toys for digital devices. We aim to promote learning through creative fun - digitoys that invites children and their parents to play together. We focus on safe and inspiring play and therefore have no third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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