Smart Apps For Android: Bridge Basher (best free Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bridge Basher (best free Android apps for kids)

Bridge Basher is the kind of app that encourages experimentation and creativity. Children discover by trial and error just how many struts are needed, and where they should be placed for the bridge to remain intact during the weight testing. The stronger the bridge, the less stress it will undergo as the words Light, Less Light, Not Light At All, Kinda Heavy and Really Heavy travel across the construction. More suited to older kids, and great for developing problem solving skills, this is currently a fully free app on Google Play. Get it now!


External links to another app by same developer and to email a built bridge to a friend


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After building a master piece of a bridge, children are challenged to bash their bridge to test its strength. There are three ways the bridge can be bashed: with the Ball Test, the Word Test or the Joint Weights. The Ball Test involves placing balls on the bridge until it collapses. The Joint Weights is a similar test, with weights being placed on joints until there are too many and the joints fail. The Word Test is the test that is most fun, however. The words travel across the bridge with increasing weight until the bridge falls down. The last word/phrase to make it across successfully is the one that is recorded in the Score Summary.

The challenge for kids is to build the strongest bridge for the lowest cost that will survive all three tests. The best bridges can then be emailed to others with the app so they can see what makes a strong bridge and they can have fun trying to bash others' bridges. Bridge Basher is a great app for testing out designs, but it would be great to see children attempt to then build their best bridge designs out of spaghetti and marshmallows and see if they withstand stress tests in real life. Lots of free fun to be had with this app.



"BridgeBasher lets you design a bridge and then destroy it. Powered by a sophisticated physics engine, BridgeBasher realistically simulates your bridge reacting to destructive forces in real-time. Create bridges in seconds through the bridge editor. If you make a mistake, simply tap the Undo button. Zoom in and out by pinching the screen and pan the view using a two finger drag.

BridgeBasher lets you destroy your bridge in a variety of ways:
- Ball Stack: Stack gigantic balls onto your bridge until it collapses so that you can quickly determine how much weight your bridge can support.
- Word Test: Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will destroy your bridge. The word test lets you sit back and watch as a series of weighty word-trains cross over your bridge. The word-trains become increasingly heavier, so only the strongest bridges will survive.
- Joint Weights: The joint weights test gives you the opportunity to apply destructive forces with pinpoint accuracy. Hang them from your bridge's joints and see how many joint weights it takes to bring your bridge down.

While testing, you can see how the strain is distributed across your bridge. Areas that are under immense strain are colored bright red, while other areas are colored green. This allows you to find and fix problem areas in your bridge. Show your friends how awesome your bridge is or laugh at your dumb your friends' bridges are. BridgeBasher gives you the option to easily e-mail your bridge to whomever you wish."

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Even after having the principles of a strong bridge explained, Cas' constructions still fail so she think she might stick to painting instead.

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