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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Kid e-Cook (free Android apps for kids)

This is a really great idea! A cooking app with real recipes you can make and eat! Kid e-Cook comes with one free recipe to make flan and another 15 recipes are available as an in-app purchase. That's 6c per recipe! Last time I bought a cakes and biscuits cookbook it cost me $5 for the same amount of recipes. The recipes in this app range from easy (pancakes) to hard (strawberry tart) with some recipes (flan, for example) building on previous recipes (custard, for example). A great way to get kids involved in the kitchen, with delicious delights as a reward.

In-app purchase for more recipes
External link to other apps by same developer on Google Play

What's free: One recipe
What's not free: 15 recipes


   FREE ($0.99 IAP)
Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE ($0.99 IAP)
Get it on Google Play

Children who need minimal help and supervision in the kitchen will have no trouble with the text in this app, but for beginner or emergent readers, they may need help reading the recipe. Items required for each step are animated to give children a clue, but some reading of the steps is still needed. All of the recipes are sweet, so hopefully future updates will include some savoury, sugar free options. Unlike other kids cooking activity apps, the exact amounts for ingredients are given, so these recipes could really be made and eaten. That is, if you guess the oven temperature right! One essential missing piece of information.

Kid e-Cook will help your children to learn how to follow instructions, weigh and measure ingredients, give them responsibility and develop their self esteem. This app is particularly useful for homeschooling families who want to incorporate cooking into their curriculum. Kids love making treats with cooking apps, but they love eating their own cooking even more. Give this app a go!



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Discover the first recipe for free. Your child can make stacks of recipes in a fully-equipped kitchen without getting dirty! Kid-eCook teaches your child about weights and measures, and how to mix different foods together and cook them.

Chocolapps apps promote your child's development because they help to improve observation and concentration skills, and give your child a sense of independence.

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