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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Math In Action (free educational Android apps for kids)

First impressions of this app are good. Young children are drawn to apps that look good and are not overwhelming with text. Math In Action covers addition, subtraction, sorting (according to color, size etc.) and transformation (substituting one item for another). All of the exercises involve an explanation of the concept, then consolidation by manipulation of objects, making this a great early learning app or app for children with special needs. One quarter of the content is provided in the try-before-you-buy free app, and the rest can be purchased within the app. I highly recommend taking a look.

In-app purchase for more exercises
What's free: 20 exercises that deal with sorting, addition, subtraction and transformation.
Also free are the abacus, music room (4 instruments) and play room
What's not free: another 60 exercises, another 12 instruments


   FREE ($2.99 IAP)
Get it on Google Play

Recently rated four stars by Kelli at Smart Apps For Kids, this was her Bottom Line:
"Math in Action is a nice little math app that reinforces a variety of skills for your youngster. The free version is a little limited, but the in-apps are well worth the purchase price."

Educational apps are all the buzz and it seems like a lot of developers are getting on the band wagon. A lot of the math apps I have seen so far have been more like glorified worksheets that give children practice of a concept or are more of an assessment of their understanding. Math In Action takes it right back and actually explains concepts, using balloons to illustrate the idea being taught, and then children play with objects and see how the terms "addition" or "subtraction relate to real things.

As well as the exercises to consolidate their learning, there is also some free play available in the form of an Abacus (children can experiment more with adding and subtracting), a Music Room (a loop mixer activity) and a Play Room (unstructured play with colored shapes). The in-app purchases for the complete set of exercises and instruments are locked behind a parent gate which is a thoughtful feature of the app. Four stars is fair and at less than 4c per exercise, this app is very good value for money. Perfect for homeschoolers or classroom teachers needing apps for differentiation.




"Imagine your child playing and learning maths at the same time. Smiling and focused. Moreover, willing to learn more. All this is guaranteed by the WSiP app Maths in action created for children between 5 and 7. Upload it!

We prepared a set of 80 exercises which make learning of simple mathematical principles easier and are highly enjoyable at the same time. To start off, we offer as many as 20 free maths problems. They are divided into four parts: sorting, addition, subtraction and transformation. By using this app children quickly learn the numbers from 0 to 10, as well as shapes such as circle, square or triangle. Children also learn to add, subtract and recognize colours.

Using the app is very intuitive and easy. Thanks to voice instructions and hints your child can solve all problems unassisted. Sounds of instruments played after completion of every five exercises constitute additional attractive rewards. In the music room these sounds can be used to compose melodies.

• free app and 20 exercises to start with
• possibility of using additional 60 exercises
• reward after solving a problem
• learning to add and subtract
• contact with music
• attractive colours and graphics
• voice hints and instructions"

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Cas is a math lover except when it involves subtraction of cash.

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