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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Math Run (free educational Android apps for kids)

So you have found that your child really likes running games and you can use them as a reward for spending time on educational apps. How about this for an idea: an educational running game! Math Run has been designed to give kids the thrill of the chase, whilst practicing their mental math. Every time the panda crashes, basic mental math problems need to be answered within the time limit to be able to continue the run. A wrong answer will end the game, with the option to pay (using game coins) to continue. Although this app has in-app purchases, there is a good load of free content for your child to enjoy.


In-app purchases for extra coins (to buy power ups) and more characters
External links to the email the developer, and to the privacy policy on the developer's website

What's free: Super Panda Baby Math
What's not free: Captain Penguin Addition, Africa Lizard Subtraction, Urban Hamster Multiplication and Forest Bunny Division


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I have to admit that although I discovered this app weeks ago in the Top Charts of the Google Play store, and although I think it is a great concept, I could not bring myself to write about it because of the opening scene. The little panda, who your child plays as, starts off locked in a cage. An adult panda with pupil-less eyes bangs on the cage as the little panda attempts to escape. If you can get past this disturbing opening, then Math Run is a pretty cool app. Mental math is probably the most used math by the general population and games that get kids improving their math fluency are always winners.

The free content provides basic addition and subtraction up to 18, with additional purchased characters providing more advanced math, including addition and subtraction with two and three digit numbers, and multiplication and division with up to three digit numbers. If you do decide to purchase all the characters, it is an app that you can use for years. How is that for value for money? Despite there being progress tracking in the form of a high scores table, there is not provision for multiple profiles, unfortunately. Also, the in-app purchases are not locked at all, so you will need to either disable in-app purchasing on your device or use a parental control app for your own peace of mind. Other than that, it is definitely worth checking out.




"Think math is boring or difficult? Then play the running game that improves your math skills! Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten through Grade 4, this app provides training at various levels in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Great for children or adults who want to practice arithmetic skills while playing a fun reflex-based game!

Detailed educational information for parents and educators:‎

Math Run poses arithmetic questions at key points to allow the player to advance or earn specific rewards. Math Run includes five playable characters, which determine the difficulty and type of math questions presented during gameplay. Help a cute little panda escape a big bully by using fast reflexes and the power of mathematics! Have fun learning as you test your speed and wit by running, avoiding obstacles, and solving various math problems in this action-packed edutainment app!

As you run, you will come across three of history’s greatest mathematicians: Pythagoras, Leonhard Euler and Carl Gauss. These geniuses are ready to help, but only if you're worthy! Answer their questions correctly to obtain their assistance.

Tilt your device to steer left/right
Swipe up to jump
Swipe down to slide under obstacles
Swipe left or right to make a turn (timing is important!)
Answer correctly when a math problem is presented
Run like the wind and solve math problems in this magical, exciting, and brain-twisting adventure! Download Math Run today!

- Excellent reflex building running gameplay, great for a growing child!
- Complements Kindergarten through Grade 4 mathematics curricula
- Perfect for older children and adults who want to improve their arithmetic skills
- Speed through 8 stunning locations from all 7 continents
- Play as the cute and clever Panda
- Unlock 4 other cute animals, each with its own math specialty
- Gear up with upgradeable equipment that will help you survive longer
- Solve Euler's problems and he'll make the map easier to navigate
- Answer Pythagoras's questions to acquire powerful boosts
- Figure out Gauss's riddles and he'll help you recover from failure
- Play daily for a chance to win bonus items
- Unlock more missions to receive bonus rewards

**Please note that, while this app is free, it contains optional paid content. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device's settings. **"

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