Smart Apps For Android: Me in a Storybook: Farm (kids) (best free Android apps for kids)

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Me in a Storybook: Farm (kids) (best free Android apps for kids)

We have so much fun with this app! Like other put-me-in-the-story apps, a photo of your child's face is used for one of the characters. But unlike other put-me-in-the-story apps, this one uses a whole range of photos to show different emotions. It really can be quite hilarious if you mix up the emotions on purpose. Me in a Storybook: Farm is a fantastic app to share and a wonderful way for children to learn about facial expressions. You will not regret downloading this app! 


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The story follows the antics of Indie who is helping Grandpa on the farm. There are eggs to collect, a donkey to cheer up, crows to scare away from the corn, vegetables to harvest and more. Me in a Storybook: Farm has three narration options: Auto (narrates and automatically turns pages), Read To Me (narrates but reader turns pages) and Read it Myself (no narration and reader turns pages). There is also the option to leave the reader's face out of the story and just enjoy the book with the original illustrations.

Research has shown that reading to children from an early age helps their development in so many ways, especially their language and early literacy skills. Children love to read stories in which they identify with the characters and this is the kind of book that children will want to go back to again and again. Excellent quality, with no ads or in-app purchases, you cannot pass up this free book!




Give your kids the chance to become the hero of the story in this fun children's storybook! It's suitable for both girls and boys too. Kids will love having their photos taken. They have to pull a big smile, a sour face, a crazy funny face, a scary face, a surprised face and a sleeping face. They literally become the main character in the story as they go around the farm. They find a way to get past Frankie the cranky donkey who has blocked the gate to the cornfield by sending him into hysterical laughter. Then they help grandpa scare away the pesky crows away from the cornfield by pulling the scariest face they can. They finish the day off by catching a giant fish called Old Brutus before having a farmhouse dinner and getting tucked in tightly to bed. Phew, what a day!

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Put your little loved ones into the storybook adventure!
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