Smart Apps For Android: Music Tales (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Music Tales (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Did you know that Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit? And F.A.C.E. is a very important word in the world of music notation? If not, then you are in good company! There is more than one way to skin a cat (apparently violin strings are made from catgut, which incidentally is not from cats) and if there is a way to learn something using an app, then I am determined to find it! Music Tales is a fully free music learning app that includes lessons on pitch, duration and playing keyboard. Targeting beginner music students, and including a free play section, this is a worthwhile app for teachers and homeschoolers.



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The beginning of each lesson involves reading a page or so of text about the aspect of music to be learnt. The level of reading is at independent reader level, so this app will either suit older (8+) kids or younger children who have an adult to read and rephrase. There are numerous activities for the child to tackle in order to complete each lesson and progress is recorded in the form of golden quavers. Unfortunately, there is not the option to create multiple profiles so each student would need their own copy, or would need to complete all lessons before resetting for the next student.

Pitch teaches children the names of the notes on the staff, Duration covers the length of different notes (quavers, crochets, minimums and breves) and Musical Instruments has students playing simple songs on a keyboard by using color coded notes and keys. Free Play lets children express musical creativity by playing a single octave keyboard. The difference between this keyboard and other music app keyboards is that the notes that are played appear on the staff above, which reinforces again how the notes on a manuscript relate to the keys.

Music Tales is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases and there are also no external links, making it the perfect addition to a classroom tablet. Enjoy!



"Music Tales is comprehensive and learning game for kids that will introduce them to the basics of music and will help to develop their talent moving from the simplest things to more complex ideas. The game consists of several "stories". Each story explains some music and harmony theory and offers exercises related to it.

Currently there are three stories:
– Pitch, which introduces the concept of pitch and explains the notes,
– Musical Instruments, which tells about the keyboard instruments, the piano keyboard, and shows how to play simple melodies using it, and
– Free Play, which allows the kid to use the mobile device as a small keyboard.

While explaining how music works and teaching the basics of music in a simple way (works best for 3-6 years old kids), the stories also help to develop color perception, ability to compare different colors (1-3 year old kids), and improve small motility practical skills (2-4 year old kids). The game is actively developed and new stories are coming soon.

Key features:
– Teaches your kid music basics in a simple and easy way
– Allows you to use your phone or tablet as a small piano keyboard
- Free play without rounds and tasks
– Suitable for all ages

Just download and enjoy!

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