Smart Apps For Android: Preschool Games Duckie Deck (best Android apps for kids)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Preschool Games Duckie Deck (best Android apps for kids)

Free for a limited time, Preschool Games Duckie Deck is a handy dandy toddler app for your Android tablet or phone. Included are six mini-games that are designed as cause-effect type of activities, with no written or verbal instructions, just intuitive screen tapping. Players harvest fruit and vegetables, perform magic tricks, feed animals at the zoo, explore dark shadows, clean up and create crazy creatures. No ads, in-app purchases or external links make this a safe-play app for your kid.




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Do you let your fussy feeder play with his/her food? Preschool Games Duckie Deck has children picking broccoli, carrots, corn, bananas, apples, berries and more. All fruits and vegetables need to be picked and munched (three bites is all it takes to eat a single item), with the mini-game continuously looping. If only getting picky eaters to eat good food was this easy! Next, your child will perform magic tricks with a simple wave of the wand. Out of the hat pops a musician, a frog, a bunch of keys and more. How many waves will it take to produce a rabbit? The trick I would love to see is to turn on the fireflies, or to make them go away!

Feeding the animals at the zoo is something children all love to do. Unfortunately, it is not always possible in real life, so they can pretend with this app. Each animal (including a human!) is given a choice of three foods and your child needs to tap the correct one. I find it hard to believe the cat will not eat the meat (and what is it doing at the zoo anyway?). Next, your child will be under suspense with the scary silhouettes and spooky music. A flick of the switch and the monsters discovered are not so scary after all.

Cleaning up is a phase that all toddlers go through. If you are in that phase right now, enjoy it! I am sorry to say that the novelty of sweeping the floor does wear off by the time your child starts school. In the meantime, s/he can enjoy virtually cleaning the floor with a simple swiping motion. Oh for that to be a reality! Finally, your child can mix-and-match heads, torsos and legs to their heart's content with 1,000 possible creatures to create! I think the idea is to match correctly (the creature will give verbal feedback as to whether they have the right body and legs) but it is too much fun giving the fox a panda body and octopus legs, for example. What would you call a creature like that? Panda foxtapus?

Duckie Deck has a range of games online for young children, this being their first app to come to the Android platform. Keep a watch out for further instalments of Duckie Deck in 2014!




"Beautiful Learning Games for your Toddler - Totally ad & in-app free! The Preschool Games Duckie Deck Android app is a collection of six friendly and safe games targeted for kids aged 2-5 years. The market has many good preschool games teaching math and writing. However, we have created something completely different. Our educational games for kids teach important life values, solve the most common childhood problems, and support the development of kids’ creativity.

These six brand new games will, for example, help children get used to the darkness, learn how to take care of pets, and introduce picky eaters to different fruits and vegetables. Awesome graphics, colorful characters, and funny sounds make this a child friendly user interface. Our design ensures kids learn through use of this app and are able to play the baby games independently. Our goal is for children to have fun while learning. Most importantly, this application is designed to be completely safe and protect kids. It has no any additional payments or advertising.

"Got this for my nephew and he absolutely loves it! The animations / graphics are so cute and the games are fun (even I enjoy playing). Recommend!"
"This is a really well-done collection of activities that my 2 years old loves! We also appreciate the great music, artwork and animations."
"This is a great educational games for 5yr olds! I love that there are six different games included in one app. Who knew that cleaning up (one of the games) could be so much fun!"
"Duckie Deck is a great collection of educational games for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grader that will keep your children engaged while learning. The monster game is amazing and so funny! Good Job!"

At Duckie Deck we create smiles. Over eight million toddlers and preschoolers have played our educational games and smiled. We cover important topics, from brushing teeth to sharing with others – things that are essential for a healthy and well-rounded young mind. Come smile with us!

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