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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Princesses Learn Sight Words (free educational Android apps for kids)

I will admit I am a sucker when it comes to hiding educational content. "Learning through play" is how it is described on the curriculum, and for this age/stage it makes sense. Kids will understand and remember better if there is a natural context provided for their learning. That is what this app aims to do. Princesses Learn Sight Words is not just another boring flashcard sight words app. It is a fairytale story with sight words highlighted within the text. Not only is there a story, plus the sight words cards, but there is also a colouring page, three games and a song. Pretty good value for free!

In-app purchases for two more books
What's free: Snow White, including 41 preschool sight words
What's not free: Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, more sight words


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The classic story of Snow White is narrated automatically as the pages are turned. Narration can be paused if parents/teachers prefer to share the book and read to their child/student. On each page, a Dolch sight word (or two) is highlighted within the text, and a card displayed in the corner of the page. Each sight word card has the word printed in capitals on one side and in lower case on the other. These same sight words are used for the three games: Memory, Bingo and Sticker. These games simply require the player to match the words, which provides reinforcement.

My daughter is right at this stage of beginning to read and I love her excitement about being able to read words. If she manages to read an unfamiliar word, you can see the buzz she gets and she expresses her enjoyment by declaring "I can read!" Sight words are a great way to kickstart your child's reading as it does not require a knowledge of phonics or complicated English spelling rules (that have too many exceptions!) It is just a matter of seeing the word and saying it. Playing games with words helps to identify their shape and is so much more fun than endlessly flashing cards. I think you will find this a very useful early learning app for teachers and homeschoolers. Get it!



"Princesses Learn Sight Words exposes children to high frequency words in English. Sight words provide an excellent base for reading at an early age. They are often called sight words because some of them can’t be sounded out, and need to be learned by sight. The sight words are used in a fun context, through stories, games and songs.

Each book features sight words from the Dolch list. The 1st book, Snow White, is free. It comes with all Pre-Primer sight words. Other books are available for purchase within the app: Cinderella comes with Kindergarten sight words, Sleeping Beauty comes with 1st grade sight words. Once you purchase a book, you can view it on different devices, as long as you use the same account. You are charged only once.

What makes Princesses Learn Sight Words different?
#1: We believe in a story-based approach: helping children identify sight words in the context of a story.
-Each story will make you discover new sight words, integrated in timeless tales. The stories are told by professional narrators
-Enjoy classical music by Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty)
-Practice spelling the sight words featured on each page with the help of the Princess icon on the bottom of the page

#2: We believe that learning should be fun: Games and songs help reinforce the learning
-Play: Games allow you to play and recognize sight words
-Memory: Find the 2 matching cards. When you match the cards, you hear the word
-Bingo: Listen to the word, and find the right card.
-Stickers: Find the right location for each sight word.
-Color: Learn to spell the color names while coloring an image.
-Sing: A song to make spelling fun. Tap on the musical notes to hear parts of the song.

New stories and new sight words are added on a regular basis. Open the app to see which new story is added to the Princess Library.

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Thank you for rating and reviewing the app. It is most helpful to other parents. We welcome your feedback, it helps us improve.
Enjoy learning to read sight words with the Princesses!
About Privacy:
As parents ourselves, we hold your privacy and the privacy of your child to the highest regard. By downloading the app, none of your personal information is shared with us or anyone else. There are no ads and no social network or other links that take you or your child outside of the app. If you and your child enjoy our stories, our app includes in-app purchases of additional books."

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