Smart Apps For Android: Sing with the Wiggles (best free Android apps for kids)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sing with the Wiggles (best free Android apps for kids)

Let's get Wiggling! This is your child's chance to shine like a star and present their true talent. Sing with the Wiggles is a karaoke sing-a-long type of app that records your child's face and voice, developed by the same company who brought you Total Girl Popstar Party. Four songs are included for free which will kick start your love of this super fun app. Words appear at the top of the screen, scrolling in karaoke-style and recorded songs can be played back later. You will need a tablet stand to fully appreciate this app as it is hard to sit still while singing The Wiggles' songs.


In-app purchases for more songs
External links to the Wiggles website

What's free: four songs
What's not free: another 11 songs



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The Wiggles are one of Australia's best exports but they cannot be everywhere at once. When they are not touring in your area, Sing with the Wiggles is your next best option. Choose from "Ready, Steady, Wiggle!", "Simon Says", "Fruit Salad" or "Emma (With The Bow In Her Hair)", adjust the vocal and music volume levels, and then press record. Mistakes can easily be recorded over and completed songs do not have to be saved. There is no option to share recorded videos via email or social media, which may be a drawcard to some parents.

My daughter really loves this app, not only because she loves The Wiggles, but she loves to watch herself on video too. I love this app because karaoke singing is one way to improve reading fluency. Music is a fantastic learning medium because it aids memory retention. An emergent reader may not be able to recite a short book off by heart, but they often know the words to a whole song. By knowing the words to the songs already, it does not take much to connect the words with the text on the screen. There is no chance to pause and stumble over words because the song just continues playing. If the song is paused or stopped, pressing record again will start the song over from the beginning.

Freemium apps, such as Sing with the Wiggles, are a great way to try-before-you-buy, and with each additional song being able to be purchased separately, I can see this would be very handy as a reward-for-chores kind of app. Definitely worth downloading!



"It's lights, camera, action! Sing along with Anthony, Emma, Simon and Lachy to some of your favourite Wiggles songs, on The Wiggles' new app Sing with The Wiggles! Your little superstars will love singing along to one of The Wiggles' best loved songs 'Fruit Salad'! There's also the 'bowtiful' song 'Emma (with the Bow in Her Hair)', and 'Simon Says' which is based on the playful musical game, plus many more! So what are you waiting for? Put on your favourite Wiggles costume, warm up your signing voice, and let's get ready to Sing with The Wiggles!

·Video record yourself as the fifth Wiggle.
·Sing along to some of your favourite Wiggles songs.
·Full vocal and music volume controls.
·All songs available with lyrics.
·Playback your videos and admire your great performance.
·Share your videos with friends on Facebook and YouTube.
·Take snapshots during your performance for your photo library.
·Fun compilation bundles including 'Furry Friends' and 'Wiggly Christmas'. Follow The Wiggles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram @TheWiggles
Learn more about The Wiggles and visit

About The Wiggles
The Wiggles are the world's most popular children's entertainment group which formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. After 22 years of entertaining children around the globe, it is the beginning of an exciting new era for The Wiggles as Wiggle creator, Anthony (Blue), is joined by a new cast of members including Simon (Red), Emma (Yellow) and Lachy (Purple)! Along with their good friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, The Wiggles are ready to wiggle a new generation of children around the World."

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