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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sock and Boots FREE Version (best free Android apps for kids)

The mystery of odd socks is solved! If you are anything like me, every washing cycle returns a handful of odd socks, with no trace of the missing sock. You can stop looking now because I found your odd sock! Right here in this app called Sock and Boots. Included in this app are three stories entitled "Share", "Afraid of the Dark", and "Play it Safe." These stories will teach your child important life lessons through the adventures of these adorable characters.  Available in ten different languages, Sock and Boots makes great bedtime reading. Best of all, the app is fully free!




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*NB: Also available in Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese

"Share" begins with the question, "Do you know why you should share?" which is just the kind of question a parent would ask their child. When teaching morals to our children, it is often easier to explain through stories. While on a picnic, Sock's lunch gets eaten by birds and Boots shares his lunch with his friend. Sharing makes them both happy, and the story ends with the question, "Now do you see why it's good to share?" This is typically how we check our children's comprehension of the story. So clearly explained, I am confident most kids will get it the first time. The story is written as a rhyming story which appeals to kids at the developmental stage of learning to share.

"Afraid of the Dark" follows Sock's bedtime fears of monsters in his room. Every night when he turns out the light, Sock is afraid of the dark. But to combat his fears, he simply switches on the light and checks all around his room, not finding a single monster anywhere. "Play is Safe" reinforces Boots' wisdom and maturity as he advises Sock that the washing machine is not a good place to play because they would get hurt. Sock ignores the advice and climbs in anyway, then there is a frantic scramble as Boots tries to save his friend. Told with the same lilting rhyme as the other stories,  this tale of safety will make children sit up and pay attention.

These are great stories to share with your children, however there seem to be a couple of little bugs with the functionality. Each story has two options for reading: Read Myself or Read to Me. Read Myself has no narration and the reader turns the pages, whereas Read to Me has narration and the pages automatically turn. With the Read Myself option, I had quite a bit of difficulty producing the full text for each page but instead just got the beginning line of the stanza. The pages also seemed difficult to turn, until I discovered I could just tap once instead of trying to swipe to turn. The text on each page was printed very small at the top of the page, which is not how it appears in the screenshot on Google Play. I am not sure if these bugs are device compatibility issues, or version issues. Considering the app was free for me to download, I am not complaining and will definitely be reading this one a few times with my daughter. Check it out for yourself!




"The “two most loveable pieces of footwear around”, Sock and his best friend Boots are the stars of the "Sock n Boots" children’s book series and want to become best friends with children all over the world.

The Sock n Boots series was created to foster a love of reading at a young age and to teach children valuable life lessons while turning story time into an interactive bonding time. The stories stimulate positive thinking, while building a bond between parents and children, as well as teachers and students as the stories and the pictures are discussed.

Each Sock n Boots story begins with a question. Then through the antics of the characters, a lesson is taught that answers the question. Once the story is finished the question is posed again which opens the door for additional discussion and interaction. The Sock n Boots-Adventures app for Ipad includes three stories filled with beautifully illustrated pictures that are full of detail and vibrant color.

About the characters
Sock is the younger and more mischievous of the pair. He is a playful and very emotional little guy. He is quick to look for fun but often finds trouble instead. It’s not uncommon to see him shed a tear or two when things get tough. His pal Boots always seems to be there to make him feel better and get him out of trouble."

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Cas was never brave enough to check for monsters under the bed as a kid and often went to sleep with the light on.

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