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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Featured App: Jo in Paris - take a digital walk through the city

As the snow socked us in here in Alabama this week, do you know what we did?  We took a trip to Paris, of course.  And we didn’t even have to leave our warm house.  Off we went with Jo in Paris to explore by taking a digital walk around the city. Our virtual walking tour took us to many of the major monuments and attractions as we learned fun and educational facts.

Then came a digital walk through the museums for an education in the arts. Paintings and sculptures and fashion (oh, my)!  We saw the Mona Lisa and the Andy Warhol exhibit. My daughter decided that a trip to the Louvre is in order. We were even quizzed about our adventure when we were done (to make sure we had been paying attention, of course).

Normally $4.99, currently on sale for $.99, so snap it up now using the links below.  Only the developer can control when the price changes.


   $4.99 now $0.99 on sale
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"#1 in the series JO AND ME AROUND THE WORLD ™
> The very first digital walk in Paris,
> Designed for young globe-trotters,
> Set off with Jo on an extraordinary trip to Paris,
> Test your knowledge through entertaining and educative quizzes.
> Kids can dive into various scenes (the museums, the streets…) and discover the treasures of Paris, accompanied by Jo
> Sound design and voices help children to fully get involved into their discoveries,
> The walking tour provides children with insightful and entertaining knowledge which they gather into their personalized quizcase -> a suitcase filled with quizzes ;-),
> EXCLUSIVE : An animated 3D earth globe that children can explore as they please. The planisphere is overflowing with fascinating information on the most amazing places in the world.

- Illustrations: EGLANTINE BONETTO ;
- Graphic design and Development: ICI LA LUNE ;
- Sound Design: MUSA MACHINA ;
- Expressive speech synthesis system: VOXYGEN.

> Jo and Me, Jo and Me around the world and associated logos are SIKANMAR SAS registered trademarks."

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Kelli is off in search of a beret and a baguette.

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