Smart Apps For Android: Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaurs - play and learn about dinosaurs (Best FREE Android apps for kids)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaurs - play and learn about dinosaurs (Best FREE Android apps for kids)

My son never had much of an interest in dinosaurs. So, when kid #2 came along and turned out to be a girl, I thought that I might never get to play with all of the cool dinosaur toys and apps that are out there. Just recently, though, my princess has branched out from her usual interests and has discovered dinosaurs. So we’ve downloaded Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs to give it a whirl. This app brings the classic Imaginext building play to your Android device for hours of fun, with plenty of educational information built in to boot. We've been dressing our dinosaurs with Imaginext armor, listening to what they might have sounded like, and learning fun facts. Top it off with the app being FREE, and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t run and get it.

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   FREE (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Available on Amazon Appstore



From Amazon:

Product Features

·        Fun facts about dinosaurs
·        Collect Volcanium to Save the dino camp
·        Watch the movie "Either Ore"

Product Description

The Fisher-Price® Imaginext™ Dino-Tech App is great way for kids to interact with and learn about their favorite dinosaurs! Designed for kids 3-5 years old.


Learn: Dino Facts teaches kids fun facts about their favorite dinos: Did you know that Pterodactyls aren’t true dinosaurs, but actually flying reptiles? Kids can even suit up each dinosaur in his Dino-Tech body armor to look just like their favorite Imaginext toy or take an “x-ray” to see some cool dino bones! 

Play: Collect the Volcanium in a dino-themed maze game. Tap or tilt the screen to guide the dino through the maze. Find special power-ups to super-charge the dino, but watch out for the T-Rex! Beat all three levels to collect the Volcanium and save the dino camp. 

Watch: See the Imaginext™ Dino-Tech movie “Either Ore”


Kelli has been spending a lot of time "cleaning up" after horses lately.  Kelli doesn't even want to THINK about what it would be like to have to "clean up" after a dinosaur.

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