Smart Apps For Android: Heavy or Light - Weighing Game (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Heavy or Light - Weighing Game (best free educational Android apps for kids)

Have your kids ever wondered which is heavier - a kilo of feathers or a kilo of bricks? Did you know there is an app for that! Heavy or Light - Weighing Game is perfect for preschoolers who are investigating the world around them, testing out the physical properties of objects. Young kids love to test theories such as "A small stick will break when I snap it but a big stick won't" or "A plum is easier to squish than an apple." This free app is all about weight and uses items that children relate to (dinosaur, bike, cupcake) to show comparisons. A great free app for Common Core skills!

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What's free: five different objects to weigh
What's not free: another 20 unique objects


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Heavy or Light has three activities: Heavy or light, Guess the weight and Free play. The Heavy or light activity shows a set of scales with an item above each side of the scales and children are asked to "Touch the one that is heavier!" A wrong choice will give a groan, and a correct choice will give verbal praise. Guess the weight activity has a single item on the scales, and children need to "Drag weights to balance the scale!" Children choose from a range of weights, and are told "Too much" if they guess over the weight. A correct answer rewards them with, "Perfect!" The final activity, Free play, allows children to try and balance a set of scales with a range of items to choose from. The free version of this app only has a couple of items, with more being available in the full version.

This is an excellent math and science app that fosters investigation, proofs, addition and measurement skills. One of the really great things about this app is that children can then follow up these skills off the tablet by finding objects around the home or classroom and write up their results. A great app for sharing and for covering Common Core State Standards. The free version is definitely worth downloading and is a great starting point, but really, for less than a dollar why would you not get the full version? Go get it now!




Science, measuring, weighing and physics made fun for kids!

Heavy or Light is a colorful educational game for kids of all ages to learn about the weight of, and how to weigh objects. There are three game modes included so that it will appeal to kids and toddlers with different interests.

Heavy or Light game mode presents two different objects and you have to choose which is heavier. Currently there are 25 different objects, each compared to each other gives up to 300 combinations to play with. More objects will be added in the future.

Guess the Weight mode presents an object on a scale along with a variety of different weights. You can then drag weights and try to balance the scale, and determine the weight of the object. The game does not use pounds, ounces, kilograms or grams, but simplifies the weighing process to make it accessible for young toddlers. It teaches kids how to measure the weight of an object by allowing them to use different numbers to total up to the object being weighed. It also encourages math skills as they will start to see patterns by using the 1,5,10,25 and 50 unit weights (not lb or kg specific).

Free play mode allows you to take any of the objects (toys, animals, fruit) and place them on the scale to compare against other objects. You can see which objects or combinations of objects weigh more than others. There is no goal or time limit, and the child is encouraged to just move the items around and test them against each other.

* Three modes of play
* 25 unique objects to weigh and interact with (toys, animals, fruit)
* Fun physics on a functional scale
* Colorful music and graphics
* Appropriate for kids age 2 and up
* Educational - encourages math, weighing, measuring, physics
* Ad free

Note : This is the LITE version of the game, and is limited to 5 objects. The full version contains 25 fun colorful objects, with more to come.

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