Smart Apps For Android: Jack and The Beanstalk - a comparison of apps (best Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jack and The Beanstalk - a comparison of apps (best Android apps for kids)

This is a classic fairytale that has been retold and reworked by many authors, editors and now app developers. With so many versions in the app store, how are you to know what is the best one for your child? There are loads of free versions, so why would anyone pay for a Jack and The Beanstalk app? Below is a comparison chart of five Jack and The Beanstalk Android apps. I have chosen these five because they do not contain ads (with the exception of the lite version of StoryChimes), and are the best Android apps I can find of this fabulous fairytale. If you look at what is included, you will agree that you get what you pay for. Take your pick or download them all. Enjoy!

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Apple Tree Books

★ Kids can easily switch the language between Chinese and English;
★ Beautiful illustrations provide vivid images for kids;
★ Kids can record story by their own and listen to it.
★ The Sleeping Mode allows kids to enjoy listening to the story with soft music and fall asleep in a warm mood.
★ Our online bookshelf enables you to access published and pre-published books at any time.

   Fully FREE
Get it on Google Play

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Preview the first pages of the fabulous animated story of Jack and the Beanstalk in the Chocolapps Kid-Ebook collection for free Jack is a boy who lives along with his mother. Their only way to earn money is to sell milk from their only cow at the market. One day, Jack trades their cow for magic beans in hopes that it will change their luck.

Chocolapps apps promote your child's development because they help to improve listening abilities as well as observation and concentration skills.

   FREE (In-app purchase)             FREE (In-app purchase)
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Appstore

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The Lusca

✓ Easy and fun to use!
✓ Use your fingers to tap on the screen and play with the characters and objects!
✓ Pick a reading mode: either Read to Me, Read by Myself or Read and Play.
✓ Help is embedded into the story. Characters offer hints about what to do on each page so even very young readers can participate fully.
✓ Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue.
✓ Your kids will learn the story in ENGLISH

   FREE Lite Version                     $1.99 Full Version
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

   FREE Lite Version                      $1.99 Full Version                     $2.99
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore          Barnes & Noble Nook

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Story Chimes

- Now includes a match game!
- Karaoke like text scroll (highlights red as you read)
- Page indexing to access your favorite parts
- Bookmarking to pick up where you left off
- Read at your own pace without audio and scroll text
- Help menu
- Larger page turn area
- 3D page turn provides a tactile “feel”
- Beautiful illustrations
- Great music accompanies each story
- Enhanced with sound FX

   FREE Lite Version                       $1.99 Full Version
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

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-auto-mode/ self-mode functions
-supports English and Korean
-fully interactive scenes
-great background music and sound effects to encourage concentration
★ The best method to make the most of the app
-before reading, look at the pictures and ask your child to imagine the story
-show the story in the Korean language
-let your child listen to the story in English
-discuss the story with your child

   $1.99                                           $1.99
Get it on Google Play          Available on Amazon Appstore

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Cas thinks it would be a wonderful adventure to climb up a beanstalk into the sky. Or even just to be able to grow a beanstalk in the first place...

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