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Friday, January 31, 2014

Logic for kids 3-7 years old (best educational Android apps for kids)

There is more to learning than letters and numbers. You want your child to have quality apps on their Android device, ones that they enjoy that also stretch their brain cells. Logic for kids is the app for that! This app takes the "what does not belong" kind of visual perception to the next level. There are four different skills, each with six themed activities and also four different difficulty levels for your child to work through. That's 96 activities altogether for $0.99! Logic for kids also has a lite version so you can try-before-you-buy this bargain of an app. This it today's impulse buy that I recommend for you.

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   FREE Lite Version                     $0.99 Full Version
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

   FREE Lite Version                      $0.99 Full Version
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

Postman requires the player to choose the house that will have the hedgehog collect the right items in the right order along the way. It is a pattern creating activity beginning with a pattern of two (Easy level) and building to a pattern of five (Very hard level). Maze is a traditional maze activity that requires the player to choose the right path from one point to another. Sudoku has been modified especially for kids, using a grid of pictures. Easy level is a 3x3 grid with three different pictures and one blank space that needs to be filled. Very hard level is a 5x5 grid with five different pictures with nine blank spaces that need to be filled. Rhythm is not an activity about music, but rather about pattern sequences. Beginning with a simple AB pattern in Easy level, the player needs to tap the object that breaks the pattern sequence. Very hard level has up to four variables in a five-item sequence e.g. ABBCD.

There is certainly a lot in this app for children to work through. Logic for kids is the kind of app that teachers and homeschoolers need on their tablets for children to use during the morning "settle-in" period, as a reward, or as a time stuffer. It would be great if there were features such as creating multiple profiles, level progression (having to complete easy levels before moving onto hard levels) and progress tracking. There are twelve languages to choose from, including English, Spanish and Chinese, however this is not a text rich app and children can still play the games if their native language is not chosen.

Please be aware that the lite version contains ads, so I am advising you only download the free version to test before purchasing the full version for your child. Definitely worth downloading and one I will be using during the first term of 2014.




A bundle of 4 games for kids of 3-7 years of age which help to develop logic, cognitive operations, and spatial intelligence.
1. Postman - Help the Hedgehog to deliver a letter to the correct house, based on the provided address.
2. Maze - Find the way to a house inside a maze.
3. Sudoku (with pictures) - Fill the empty cells in the table with the correct objects, so that every object appears exactly once in each row and column.
4. Rhythm - Understand the pattern used in a sequence and find the object which breaks that pattern.

The author, Dr. Irina Marina, is a child neuropsychologist with a PhD in biology and more than 10 years of experience. These games are based on the materials she uses in her practice with kids. Spatial intelligence develops in pre-school and in early grades. The games "Postman" and "Maze" develop the child's ability to analyze spatial problems. The child learns to work with pictures, patterns, and maps. Such exercise helps the child to handle geometric material at school. The games "Sudoku" and "Rhythm" develop logic and concentration, which are very important for further studies at school, especially in math, sciences and technical/engineering subjects. While solving logical tasks, children train cognitive functions, working memory, and attention which results in a higher IQ.

Each game has 4 levels of difficulty:
Easy (3 yo.)
Normal (4 yo.)
Hard (5-6 yo.)
Very hard (6-7 yo.)

In the Lite version 2 mini-games ("Postman" and "Maze") as well as 2 locations (a river and a forest) are unlocked. The full version includes 6 locations: a forest, the Egyptian Pyramids, Antarctica, a river, outer-space, and a fantasy planet. Teachers and parents can easily download the app and install it on their Android phones and tablets.

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Cas found it interesting to note that Sudoku was still called Sudoku in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish and Portuguese

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