Smart Apps For Android: REVIEW: Preschool Math Booster Zoo (free educational Android apps for kids)

Sunday, February 02, 2014

REVIEW: Preschool Math Booster Zoo (free educational Android apps for kids)

Bottom Line: An engaging menagerie of 3D virtual animals that will teach your child foundational math concepts, through a visual medium, with lots of positive reinforcement and designed so children succeed.

Price: FREE (in-app purchases)          Size: 181MB          Number of activities: 12 in total


In-app purchases for more activities

What's free: three activities
What's not free: another nine activities

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App explained: The 12 activities of the full app are divided into three groups (farm, forest and Asia) of four. The first four activities cover counting, patterns, more/less and animal identification. Each question is asked via text on the screen and verbally. Your child has two options of answering: by tapping on one of the five choices of digits or animal pictures under the question, or by tapping on the animals themselves. Ten questions are asked for a task to be completed and scored out of 100 (every wrong answer docks two points).

The next four activities cover simple addition, simple subtraction, missing numbers, and matching pairs. Every wrong attempt is responded to with "Oops, not that one" or "Try again" and every correct attempt is awarded verbal praise. At the completion of ten questions, your child hears a crowd of kids cheer, and a bunch of balloons rise up the screen. Scores are recorded on the flags at the menu screen, with the highest score achieved in an activity being the one shown.

The final four activities cover memory, shapes and basic algebra. As with the other two groups of activities, the first one (memory) is free to give you an inside view of the app before purchasing the full version. The free activities have the full ten questions and show very clearly the high standard of graphics and audio in this app. Altogether there are 120 questions for your child to work through, which is reasonable value at $2.99 for the in-app purchase. This app can be easily linked to Common Core State Standards.

Pros/Cons: The presentation of math using 3D animated animals is innovative and engaging. The interaction with the variety of farm, forest, and Asian animals will keep children on task and focused on learning. The positive reinforcement encourages children, however, a child can complete all ten questions by using the process of elimination and therefore not learn from their mistakes. There is no aspect for sharing this app, but children could be encouraged, after using this app, to work with other children on similar activities using plastic animals.

Suggestions for updates: Future updates might include the option to create profiles for different children, which would make it very useful in a classroom setting. Different difficulty levels, skill progression shown in graph form and the ability to customize for individual student ability would also make this app a top app for use at school. Some kind of reward system where children are awarded something to collect, like an endangered animal for example would motivate children to complete a full set of questions.

Summary: An innovative educational app that children enjoy, with no ads or external links to interrupt learning. Can be used to supplement classroom activities and is a useful resource for teachers. Definitely worth downloading and is an app I will be using this year.

Device/s used:
Phone - Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.3) No problems.
Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1" (Android 4.2.2) Froze and exited app during simple addition.
Tablet - Laser 7" eTouch Tablet (Android 4.0.4) Would not load properly. Blank black screen.

Smart Apps For Android was paid a fee for this priority review.

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Cas' daughter loved playing with this app and found counting the animals fun, but she prefers to count chocolate eggs.

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