Smart Apps For Android: 3 Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf - Interactive Story Book and Fun Games for Kids (best fairytale Android kids apps)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf - Interactive Story Book and Fun Games for Kids (best fairytale Android kids apps)

This is one of my all time favorite fairytales. I am not sure if it is because of the swine solidarity that is shown, the engineering of the architecture or because of the suggestion that pigs have hairy chins. I do have a compulsion to buy children's storybooks, and book apps are no exception. I went without my drive-through coffee this morning to buy this one, but I am glad I did! Sniff-Sniff, Snaff-Snaff and Snuff-Snuff are adorable as the Three Little Pigs and the activities for children to engage in at the end are excellently executed. Treat your child to this fairytale treasure today!


In-app purchase for the full story plus activities
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   FREE Lite Version                    $2.99 Full Version
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE Lite Version                     $2.99 Full Version
Get it on Google Play          Get it on Google Play

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Three Little Pigs lite version presents the story up to the point where the wolf scares the pigs into their houses. The full version is available through an in-app purchase and includes the rest of the story as well as three activities. Interactive elements throughout the story enhance the reading rather than detract from it and there are three narration options (Autoplay, Listen & Play, Read Myself) to cater to readers and non-readers alike. Highlighted text helps emerging readers to read along.

The activities at the end of the story include jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-difference and a game where children actually blow the tablet to blow the houses down! The description says this feature is for Kindle Fire HD users but I was able to do this on my Samsung Tab3. Three Little Pigs is a great story for sharing and would be an excellent addition to any classroom tablet. Download the lite version and see what you think! Please support Smart Apps For Android by clicking on our download links.



Three Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf is an interactive book app and fun games for kids.

Features of the book app:

- beautiful graphics and original illustrations
- professional narration
- word-by-word highlighting
- interactive surprises on every page
- amusing sound effects
- hilarious pigs’ names
- three reading modes: Autoplay, Listen&Play, Read Myself
- fun games for kids*
- rewards for kids’ performance*
- ideal as a bedtime story

Fun Games for kids include*:

- Puzzles of different difficulty level that develop kids’ fine motor skills.
- Smart Detective, a game where you need to find misplaced objects. This game improves kids’ attention to detail and color and shape recognition.
- Puff Striker, a game in which you need to huff and puff like a wolf and blow the houses down. For each attempt kids get a bronze, silver or a gold medal! The version of the game where you use the microphone is available for Kindle Fire HD. Kindle Fire owners need to tap the wolf in order to help him blow the houses down.

The book app Three Little Piggies and Big Bad Wolf is based on a classic fairy tale. It is targeted at children aged 2-6 and can be used for different purposes.

The Autoplay reading mode of the book app is suitable for the very little kids who just enjoy being read to. A lot of parents choose Autoplay mode to make their kids enjoy a bedtime story with interactive features.

The Listen&Play mode is more appropriate for the kids who make their first steps in reading. They can listen to the story of Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf and animate the characters themselves. Parents use this reading mode to teach their kids to read, as words of the story get highlighted when they are pronounced.

The Read Myself mode is ideal for confident readers who can read the book app all by themselves and enjoy their bedtime story.

Fun games include three activities that are both educational and engaging.

*The fun games are available within the book app as in-app purchases.

Three Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf offers you a new reading experience every time you read the book! Give it a try! PLEASE NOTE: This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. On Kindle Fire, you can configure parental controls from the device Settings menu, and then selecting Parental Controls. On Android devices, you can configure in-app purchasing parental controls from the settings menu within the Amazon Appstore.

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