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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Bug Goop: Sight Words - Lite (free educational Android apps for kids)

There is so much packed into this free app! Bug Goop Sight Words - Lite gives children practice recognizing sight words, spelling sight words, recognizing blends and digraphs and it records their progress as well. That is not all this free app can do! You can also add your own words to a custom list to make the game really specific to words in your child's world. Definitely worth downloading the free version and the full version with extra features is very reasonably priced too. Check it out!

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What's free: Levels 1 through 5
What's not free: Levels 6 through 30


   FREE Lite Version                    $1.99 Full Version
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   FREE Lite Version                     $1.99 Full Version
Available on Amazon Appstore          Available on Amazon Appstore

There is something oh so satisfying about squishing a bug, isn't there? As the flies come out of the log carrying letters, children need to tap on the letters in the correct order to spell the sight words shown below. As they tap the correct letters, the flies are knocked out of the sky and a score is recorded. Different amounts of points are awarded depending on whether the fly was carrying a single vowel/consonant or a couple of letters.  All scores, for both the preset words and the custom words, are recorded on charts showing the number of correct and incorrectly spelled words as well as the time taken to complete the ten words in each the level.

Bug Goop: Sight Words - Lite is what I would call a phonics app because the words are broken into phonemes and digraphs. Rather than working with the whole sight word, the child pieces together each sight word. The words used are sight words, however, despite not being manipulated as sight words. Adding your own words is a brilliant feature and the fact that progress is recorded make this a very useful tool for teachers and homeschoolers. I will be using this one myself at least for the first part of this year. This is a recommended download.




★ Spelling help for kids. Approved by teachers, loved by kids 5 years +
★ 30 levels of fun packed learning, PLUS bonus unlimited ADD YOUR OWN words to help kids with homework lists, individualized list and problem words.
★ Best start with sight words from the acclaimed Dolch list
★ 1st and 2nd grade level words
★ UK or US English? Whichever dictionary your phone is set on will be used. EVEN other languages.
★ The secret to superior spelling is phonics! Learn to spell instinctively with word families that teaches powerful concepts to be used in all writing
★ Recall sight words automatically. This is serious, fully interactive learning, not just clicking on pictures!
★ This is the first game based on the five steps of learning how to spell. The first step is always copy the word. In Bug Goop: Sight words, 'Copy the word' gets gradually more difficult to maximize learning.

Did you know in the first three years of learning to read and write, children only use 300 words to do most (70%) of their writing With Bug Goop: SIGHT WORDS children learn these commonly used words while playing. Now that is a game you would like your kid to get addicted to!

Devour flies to keep the dragon cool! Explode the tiles to match your words...and watch Spidy eat them all. Unlock the secrets to instinctive spelling by playing Bug Goop: Sight Words. Your child quickly learns to recognize the sight words automatically. Flying letter tiles and a colourful world makes this educational app a truly fun game (with no typing for reluctant spellers!). Specialized teachers added their experience to the development of this educational game so that your child takes a visual picture of each sight word to memory.

Our specialized teachers designed Bug Goop: Sight Words to maximize learning. The child reads the word to play the game, there are no shortcuts where the word is said for the child or where they can merely click on a picture of an object. Some sight word apps were clearly designed by tech developers with no educational background. They may look entertaining, but they are sadly of very little educational value.

Phonetic learning makes the difference: When learning words in phonics groups, children remember those words easily and can add the rule to other words. For example a group with the words: one, none, gone, done etc., teaches many more spelling words with the same phonetic sound.

We respect and value your privacy here at ACE Edutainment Apps. In our apps we do not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data. We do not have advertisements or in-app purchases.

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