Smart Apps For Android: Bugs and Buttons 2 (BEST Android apps for kids)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bugs and Buttons 2 (BEST Android apps for kids)

Today I wanted to share with y'all one of my favorite apps of all time.  When I got my Kindle, I was thrilled to see that it was available for Android, so I downloaded it right off the bat. Now Kid #2  doesn't have to wait for Kid #1 to get off the family iPad so that she can play one of her favorite games. When I reviewed it for our sister site (, I gave it a FIVE STAR rating.  And that was only because they wouldn't let me go higher.

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No in-app purchases, no ads. The only external links are to the developer's other apps (but these are in a kid-lock protected section).
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From Smart Apps for Kids:

Y’all have probably read some of our other posts about Little Bit Studio’s other apps (Bugs and Buttons, Bb1 Bugs and Numbers, etc.) and seen words like “masterpiece” and “captivating” used to describe them.  Those posts were a real problem for me as I set out to review Little Bit Studio’s latest offering, Bugs and Buttons 2.  Why were those posts such a problem?  Well, I think the earlier reviewers might have used up all of the good words.  I might have to make some up.  Splendiferocity. Beautificaptivating.  Wowzeroo. I mean, you can just see what a hardship this was for me, can’t you?
I came into this one with high expectations, and I was not disappointed.  Immediately upon starting this app up your senses are basically assaulted by one of the most graphically beautiful apps that I’ve played, equaled only by, well, by Bugs and Buttons or Bugs and Numbers or Bugs and Bubbles . . . do you get where I’m coming from?  After a beautiful intro (which can be turned off in the settings so that you can go straight to playing in future games if you want) your little player has the option of starting with guided play or choosing to explore on his own, at his own speed. I played in guided mode some myself, but my independent little princess opted to explore. And she has literally explored for hours and hours.
Bb2With 18 different games available, there is bound to be something to interest everybody. The adaptive play, which adjusts to the player’s skill level, means that the user won’t become quickly bored. And since you can set up different user profiles, each player can continue to play at his own pace without having the game become too difficult just because her (my) 7-year-old is a whiz at RC Racer. There are also 54 rewards that can be earned throughout all of the games.
The games are all extremely intuitive, but just in case you need them, there are visual instructions that pop up as needed.  We didn’t need them, though.  From the get-go even my four-year-old was playing as if she had been at it for ages.
So many skills are used in the play of these games. Counting, memory, sorting, balance, and many, Bb3 many more. Your kids will be counting and sorting buttons.  They’ll be having a high speed race with a remote controlled car (ridden by what I think is a cockroach . . . but I try not to think too hard about cockroaches.)  They’ll be defending the most beautiful green beetles from falling acorns and buttons using a trusty rubber band.

Your little one can also learn some music on a small piano by following along as directed.  There is also a bonus option of a free-play mode on the piano so your kiddo can compose to her little heart’s content. Wait. That kind of makes it 19 games, doesn’t it? Score!!
Bb4I feel like I need to give at least some criticism.  After all, I’m a super hard-core reviewer, don’tcha know?  Would it be a complaint to say that it reminds me a lot of the first Bugs and Buttons?  That’s not exactly a complaint, I guess, since I loved the first one, too.  But I really do have one suggestion (and this goes out to every single app designer in the entire world).  Please (please, please, please) give us a little music mute button in the field of play so that we can mute the music without having to stop playing.  Granted, the music in this app is great, but sometimes I just like to play games without the music no matter how nice it is. But I don't want to stop playing to do it.
If you haven’t already downloaded this app, what on earth are you waiting for?
KelliKelli still hasn't found very many apps that she would rank up there with B&B2.

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