Smart Apps For Android: Citra - Speech Communications (best free special needs Android kids apps)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Citra - Speech Communications (best free special needs Android kids apps)

This is more than an AAC app, Citra is a holistic communications tool for use by children, parents, therapists, teachers and caregivers. A primary user of the account sets up multiple profiles for children with special needs. These profiles can then be shared with other registered Citra users to maintain consistency of care with each child. Children's profiles contain personalised schedules, choice boards and communication notes. For the low cost of zero dollars, it is amazing what this app can do! Download it and see for yourself.



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Users and profiles can be created via the app or via the Citra website. Apart from the primary user, secondary users can also be added (so each parent has access to the child/ren's profiles for example). So easy to use for non-seasoned AAC users and with a library of over 13,000 images Citra is a fantastic tool for children just starting school who can benefit from the consistency that this app provides. Activities within schedules are assigned time limits with the option to skip the task. If a child misses breakfast, for example, a note can then be written by the parent so that the teacher is aware of this.

Choice boards are used to make communication consistent. They can be related to the schedules and allow the child with speech difficulties to form simple sentences to communicate needs and wants. Information for each profile can be accessed both on the tablet as well as the computer, and if need be, by iOS device as well. "Developed by Ohio State University students in partnership with Columbus Speech and Hearing Center." Citra is such a useful tool, with so much customization and so many great features, it is amazing that all of this is free. Please share this with your family, friends and your child's caregivers.



Citra, the first portable communication app, makes language, time and tasks visible & accessible for kids with speech delays. More than a communication app, we enable your child to develop independence and confidence, & their entire care teams to stay connected.

Built for:
- Kids with speech delays and impairments, children who have difficulty speaking, children with ALS, apraxia, autism, down syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease, neuromuscular disorders, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, and other disorders that cause speech delays or impairments
- Speech and hearing centers
- Those who work with children with speech delays including those that offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychologists & other kinds of therapists
- Speech and communication researchers including those who study speech and language pathology (SLPs)
- Special Ed. teachers & teachers’ assistants, intervention specialists, & personal care attendants
- Parents and caregivers

1. Visual & Audible Photographs, symbols, words, & phrases. Choose from SymbolStix or Boardmaker PCS for your picture library.
2. Ability to use personal pictures, such as images of your child performing activities, or familiar objects
3. Notes Maker: Parents, teachers, and therapists can share learning goals, communication goals, protocols, achievements, & notes together in real time. Notes are time stamped, attributed to each specific note-maker, and the history of notes stays permanently with the child.
4. Scheduler: a patent pending feature that helps children focus on task management, leading to your children feeling more of independent and confident, while growing their skill sets. Helps teach the concept of time, and discreet task management. Visual and digital timer. Use the same images your child is already familiar with create custom tasks. Designed so your child can learn to complete tasks independently:
(1) Set up custom tasks and determine the allotted for each step;
(2) Help your child follow each step;
(3) With practice, your child can learn how to complete the steps on his or her own.
5. Citra enables all members of the care team to create custom communication aids, creating consistency in learning at home, school, therapy & play. This consistency can help reinforce recognition & learning retention.
6. Accessible on all multiple devices, and the Internet including Macs or PCs. Virtually anyone can access Citra.

Citra is a partnership between The Wells Foundation & The Columbus Speech and Hearing Center as a direct response to the needs of kids with speech delays & impairments, their parents, teachers & therapists. Citra is a helpful, friendly, learning & innovation. We are consistently coordinating, connecting, and enhancing your ability to meet your child’s needs.

We envision a world where:
• Children with speech impairments can become more independent & confident
• Caregivers can seamlessly communicate to empower the lives of each child with speech impairments or delays
• Caregivers can easily communicate with their care teams for each child, & with each other in local and online support communities

To develop independence, confidence, & enhanced communication in your children by partnering with you to deliver innovative solutions your entire care teams can leverage together.

We are building a community with you, and surrounding you with a world of support. We organize ways for you to collaborate to help form best practices, share ideas & protocols that work. We want you involved in enhancing our ability to meet your needs. As such, we build enhancements based on your direct feedback.

Fundamentally, we are optimistic about your children’s abilities, so we are delivering ways for you to help them achieve their speech and communication goals in the best ways possible

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