Smart Apps For Android: FREE THIS WEEKEND ONLY - Avokiddo Emotions (good android apps for kids) - help your little ones learn about emotions through play

Saturday, March 15, 2014

FREE THIS WEEKEND ONLY - Avokiddo Emotions (good android apps for kids) - help your little ones learn about emotions through play

Avokiddo Emotions is a simple little free-play app designed to help children learn to discover and identify different emotions through the use of three animated animals (a zebra, a sheep, and a giraffe) and varying costumes and props.  This app has great graphics and cute music, but it is probably most effective with younger preschoolers for trying to introduce emotions. Normally $2.99, it’s free for this weekend, so run grab it while you can, then let your kids create a Disco Giraffe!

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Currently FREE (normally $2.99)

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From Amazon:
Product Features
·       Play with 3 adorable animals: zebra, sheep and giraffe
·       Use more than 100 different objects including accessories, food, drinks, musical instruments, toys etc.
·       Dozens of different actions, reactions and rich realistic emotions
·       Discover the bonus, themed items that trigger unique animated sequences
·       Take snapshots and create collections of various emotions and funny situations
·       Vibrant HD graphics, original music, high quality sound recordings, real-time physics
·       Ideal for ages 2-8. Kid-safe; no third-party ads or In-App Purchases.
Product Description

Give your children a serious case of the giggles when you introduce them to a zany zebra, shy sheep and jolly giraffe. Your children will discover these emotions and more by dressing up, feeding, sharing toys and interacting with their new-found digital friends using over 100 uniquely themed props in this endless play funhouse.

Avokiddo Emotions lets kids of all ages explore feelings in an open ended free style playroom. There are no rules or pre-set expectations other than to have fun while learning fundamental social skills. Whether their intent is to make an animal laugh or cry, kids are in control every step of the way. Even the very youngest fans who aren’t yet able to quite grasp emotions other than “I’m hungry” will delight in the boisterous atmosphere and soon, through trial and error, be able to trigger specific reactions.

Forget static flash cards with dead eyed actors. These animals each have personality to spare and are animated with realistic multi-faceted reactions to a whole host of scenarios. See them jump in response to a horn or alarm. Watch their ears flatten and droop when sad. Make their eyes roll and hear them snort with delight. Don't be surprised to hear some snorts and guffaws coming from your child as well. This app is all about learning through play.
The toothy grins and infectious laughter of the joyous giraffe, shimmying sheep and exuberant zebra will delight your children and provide active engagement and constructive entertainment each time they play. Share their excitement in transforming the giraffe into a disco dancer, join the zebra at a Mexican fiesta and witness the royal sheep feted at his castle. Avokiddo Emotions is a horn tooting, bubble blowing, balloon popping good time.

Features and Highlights:
• unlimited combinations of hats, glasses, clothing and wigs to try on the animals make for hours of repeat play
• a wide variety of toys, musical instruments, food and slurp-worthy drinks to share with the always willing four-legged buddies
• dozens of richly nuanced reactions and complex emotions expressed with non-verbal body language
• lively music and authentic sound effects
• special accessories that trigger themed backgrounds and laugh out loud movements
• save the most outrageous creations to the camera roll for sharing and storytelling
• intuitive, child friendly, language neutral interface without need for verbal or written directions
• eye-catching, original HD graphics

Educational Uses and Benefits:
• encourage imagination and creative expression through unfettered opportunities for pretend play
• practice following directions and answering simple “Wh” questions related to the animals’ responses
• inspire curiosity as youngsters explore cause and effect relationships
• build language as parents help children put names to the many emotions and physical reactions displayed
• develop empathy by connecting the animals' emotions both positive and negative to their causes
• make predictions based on how the animals will respond to various stimuli


Kelli missed out on her morning ride and is feeling the need to kick up her heels.

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