Smart Apps For Android: FREE TODAY ONLY Clay Jam - a quirky modeling clay game (best Android kids apps)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY Clay Jam - a quirky modeling clay game (best Android kids apps)

I love this app so much! Clay Jam is an animated 3D arcade type of game that requires the player to roll a ball of modeling clay, collecting clay along the way while avoiding obstacles. So much fun mixing all the colors of clay together, but watch out! A wave of brown clay is on its way and will cover everything if the clay ball does not reach the end in time. Listed in Lisa R.'s Top Ten List of Oddballs, Misfits and Quirky Apps list, Clay Jam is like no other app you have seen. I am waiting to hear stories of our readers' children who have reproduced this game in real life and rolled up all manner of things from the floor in a clay ball.


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There was once a land called Clay Jam. It was a beautiful place full of happy monsters until one day the Bully Beasts came. For a thousand years the land lay in ruin. Then a stranger appeared. "This world needs saving my friend. You must bring me clay. Together we can rebuild the hills, bring the monsters back and beat the Bully Beasts. Let's save Clay Jam!"

Amazingly realistic, with such cute characters, your child will fast become addicted to this app! Clay Jam has all the elements of a great game: currency (clay) to collect, obstacles to avoid, baddies to beat, power-ups to earn, levels to achieve and upgrades to buy. The big difference is the medium. Modeling clay is something that all little kids identify with and the sound effects of the clay squishing into stuff provides a sensory delight.

PLEASE NOTE: In-app purchases are not protected behind a parent lock, so please ensure you have disabled in-app purchasing on your device or are using a Parental Control App if you do not want your child making exorbitant purchases!




Save the land of Clay Jam from the fearsome Bully Beasts in this fun-packed action game. Guide Fat Pebble as he rolls down five weird and wonderful hills in a world made entirely from clay!

Squash monsters on the way, and he'll grow and grow and GROW! Get all the way to the bottom of the hill and meet the nasty Bully Beasts.

Can you collect enough clay to free the monsters and save Clay Jam?!

- EVERYTHING in the game is made from real clay!
- More than 20 hand-made monsters to discover
- 5 amazingly strange hills to rebuild
- Downloaded over 5 million times!
- Nominated for lots of awards, including a BAFTA!

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