Smart Apps For Android: FREE TODAY ONLY Train Conductor 2 USA (best Android kids apps)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

FREE TODAY ONLY Train Conductor 2 USA (best Android kids apps)

Ok, admit it - there is a train fanatic in your house. And it is not your kid! Whether or not your children are train buffs, they will love being a Train Conductor in this app. It involves hand-eye coordination, planning, decision making and lightning reflexes to get all the trains delivered without crashing! Normally $1.99 on Amazon but FREE for today only, Train Conductor 2 USA is ad free and no in-app purchases means it is fully free when you download TODAY!

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   $1.99 FREE TODAY ONLY March 15, 2014
Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE Lite Version                    $0.99 Full Version                     FREE with Getjar Partners
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Train Conductor 2 USA begins with a tutorial to gear your child up for the thrilling geographically themed levels that s/he will work through. The tutorial seems easy enough, but the app launches straight into high energy action and is not for the faint hearted! The first unlocked level, Miami, is summery themed and subsequent levels are unlocked when the quota of trains is delivered. Trains can be missed, but crashes will cost a turn. Achievements can be ranked against friends or the world, or your child and simply play the whole app as a Guest.

Options allow the screen to stretch, the music and sound effects to be turned off, and to connect through Facebook.The tutorial can be accessed anytime from the main menu and as the locations are unlocked, further challenges are available to attempt. So much fun and definitely worth downloading for some weekend downtime. Go get it before it goes back to full price!




Named 'Best Mobile Game' at the Independent Games Festival China. THIS IS NO SIMULATION - JUST SUPER FUN! Watch out! It's incredibly addictive!

- Each location challenges you with a unique twist on the award winning gameplay
- "It's like 8 games in one!" -- and you won't put it down!
- Visit New York City, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Chicago, Roswell, Miami Beach, Seattle, Nashville and more...

- *NEW* Manage the hectic rush-hour trains in Chicago!
- Ruin the snow monsters plans with a massive snow plow to the face!
- Control Steam Trains, Monorails, Subway cars, Long-haul Cargo and more
- Deliver Ghost Trains, Skull Trains and help ghosts in Las Vegas!

- Multiple player accounts with Facebook
- Improvements over the original: new menus, simplified score system, Facebook sharing, better sounds, new train models, new locations and gorgeous weather effects
- Share stories with your friends and challenge their scores
- New Train Conductors get their Train License in the Trainyard. It's that simple.

Take control over locomotives barreling through famous American locations in everyones favorite action game. It's all about quick decisions and strategy as you guide trains to the destination while avoiding disastrous collisions!

- If you experience any issues please contact and we'll resolve it personally.
- Next update will include Challenge Mode to test your skills! Keep an eye out.

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