Smart Apps For Android: Gocco Fire Truck - 3D Games for Tiny Firefighters FREE (free Android kids apps)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gocco Fire Truck - 3D Games for Tiny Firefighters FREE (free Android kids apps)

This is your preschooler's first runner game! Gocco Fire Truck is a hot new app that has raced to the top of the charts on the Google Play store and it is no wonder, there is so much energy in this game, your child will be racing to play it as soon as it is "tablet time". There are two parts to this app: the race to the fire scene and then the grand finale where the player can fight the fire and quench the fire-baddie to prevent him spreading his flames. Loads of fun for little ones, with three free levels, Gocco Fire Truck should be your next download!

In-app purchases for more levels
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What's free: three levels
What's not free: another 33 levels


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There is a building (or two) on fire and your child is the fire fighter. S/he needs to guide the truck to the fire scene, collecting water droplets along the way while avoiding oncoming traffic and obstacles by swiping left and right. Every crash into a vehicle or fire drum results in a loss of water droplets (I am yet to completely fill the water guage!) but it does not mean there will not be enough water to drench the fire at the end. The trip from the fire station to the scene of the fire takes 90 seconds and is actually possible to complete without touching the screen at all.

Once at the fire scene, your child needs to aim the two hoses at the flames in the building as well as at the fire-baddie who will keep on spewing flames into the building. It takes less than a minute to douse the fire and quench the baddie, but it may be the longest minute of your child's life! The fire-baddie is rather evil, good at dodging the hoses and relentless when it comes to keeping the fire going. The levels progress in difficulty and are grouped into geographical locations (US, Japan, UK), and up to three stars are awarded at the completion of every level, depending on the skill at which it was completed. Gocco Fire Truck is a good app for downtime, as a reward or while waiting at an appointment. Just make sure you let your child complete all the levels before you do!




The fire alarm is ringing! You are the firefigher of this city. Rush to the scene and put out the blaze! Rule is simple. Collect as much water as possible during the way with your fire truck and then teach the big fire ball called "General Blaze" a good lesson by putting out the fire. Ready, set, GO!

In the world of Gocco Fire Truck, everything including fire trucks, trees and houses has it’s own personality. Even “General Blaze” may not be all that bad of a guy, just someone who wants extra attention.

• Rush to the scene!
Collect "Aqua"(water) from the bucket ("Pail") and the fire hydrant ("FH") on your way to the scene but watch out! Avoid obstacles (Cars, Buses, Fire hiding inside a drum) that may drain your precious water by swiping the fire truck right and left. "Aqua" may be flying in the air so to collect it, make your fire truck jump by swiping it. If you get lucky, you can collect a feather ("Wings") or a helmet ("Helmet") hiding inside the drum, an item that can help you tremendously!

• Put out the blaze!
Drag the fire hose and extinguish the "Mini Blaze" in the building and shoot water into the mouth of "General Blaze". If you lose sight of him, move the fire hose and find him. You have 2 fire hoses so you can enjoy co-play. Beat "General Blaze" before the building collapse and you win!

Whoa! The fire alarm is ringing again! You're on.

• Simple swipe controls that are easy to use and just feel right
• Great design for you and the child to co-play
• Win the all mighty "Fire Truck Max" if you collect 3 stars in all 3 nations (including the Premium Stages)
• Free to play - Free content includes basic fire truck and 3 US stages. Premium Fire Trucks (Fire Truck Air / Fire Truck Bomber) & Premium Stages (9 more in US, 12 more in Japan and 12 more in UK) are available through In-App Purchases.
• No third-party advertising
• Ideal for kids 3-9 years

"Gocco" means make-believe in Japanese and in Gocco apps, kids enjoy role-playing which enhances a child’s ability to learn and think for themselves. Our goal is to help kids discover what they are really interested in and stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids will develop and maximize their creative potential.

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On the way to school yesterday morning, Cas saw a (deliberately lit) fire on somebody's verge and so had her son call the emergency services. By the time the school run was over, the fire was out.

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