Smart Apps For Android: REVIEW: Abby Basic Skills Preschool (good educational Android kids apps)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

REVIEW: Abby Basic Skills Preschool (good educational Android kids apps)

Bottom line: A child-friendly early learning app that covers a wide range of skills for preschoolers. The free version includes three activities, while another 11 are available as an in-app purchase. Abby Basic Skills Preschool will give you an overview of where your child is at.

Price: $1.99                    Size: 55.8MB                     Number of skills covered: 14

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App explained: Abby is a (monkey) train driver and requests your child's help to pick up all of the special passengers. To do this, your child must complete a variety of tasks, covering skills such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters, patterns, puzzles and more. The lite version includes shadows, patterns and number recognition. Each of the skills practiced can be switched off, so that your child practices the skills you want focused on. Hints are available to help your child and a sticker reward is given after four tasks.

Verbal instructions are given and children are required to drag and drop the correct item. Verbal praise is given for correct answers and verbal encouragement is given for wrong answers. There is also a visual prompt as a thinking cloud above the monkey's bed. After completing four tasks and receiving a sticker, children are also invited to create their own four carriage train by choosing from a choice of 12 carriages. This new train will be the one used to pick up the next four special passengers.

Pros/Cons: The illustrations are very clear and based around toys that young children would be familiar with. There are a lot of skills covered in the full version and the lite version gives a good example of what is to be expected in the full version. There is enough educational content to justify the $1.99 price tag, but the app does not really do anything amazing with the tasks or the technology. There is nothing that really makes this app stand out from other similar apps.

It is useful being able to switch off and on the skills you are targeting with your child, and within each skill, the difficulty of the task changes (although apparently randomly). There is no record of progress, however, and the stickers that are collected are not able to be viewed at the player's whim. In fact, I could not purposefully choose to view the sticker collection at all. This is a fairly basic testing kind of app, where children are learning by trial and error and there is no opportunity for free play to consolidate learned concepts.

Suggestions for updates: A better way of recording progress would make this app even more useful for teachers and homeschoolers. It would be good to have some kind of free play activity/s or even some way of letting the child create the images to be used for matching etc.

Summary: As there are no profiles used in Abby Basic Skills Preschool, this app could be easily shared by students and similar tasks recreated off-screen for children to continue practicing those skills. Whilst being worthwhile to download, there is nothing particularly amazing about this app. I would say this is a good app, but not necessarily the best.

Device used: Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1" (Android 4.2.2)

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