Smart Apps For Android: SimplePhysics FREE TODAY ONLY (best educational Android apps for kids)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

SimplePhysics FREE TODAY ONLY (best educational Android apps for kids)

We are on a roll! Not literally, but figuratively, we are in luck with another great FREE for today app on Amazon! Simple Physics is a great science app that allows children to express creativity, test designs, make decisions and of course have fun! There is no greater pleasure than building something that can withstand forces applied to it, only to then blow it up yourself. Your children will love this one and you get it for free TODAY!


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Simple Physics begins with a tutorial level which is just as well because the designs needed for the various structures to be built could be quite complex, depending on how they are approached. Players are required to build a tree house, a river dam, a ferris wheel and more by placing supports and anchor points on a blueprint design. Each design needs to be constructed within a given budget and then is tested for strength. When all the structures are complete, the whole game can be reset and done again.

This is a great app to have on a classroom tablet as children can work together on designs and then recreate their structures using real life objects to see if they really do withstand forces applied to them. Simple Physics also develops creative thinking and problem solving and is useful when using Thinker's Keys as part of the curriculum. Enough from me, just get it while it is free!



The sequel to BridgeBasher is finally here! SimplePhysics lets you design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design with a sophisticated physics engine. A wise person once said: "An engineer is someone who can do for a dime what any fool can do for a dollar." In SimplePhysics, your design must not only be strong enough, it must be cheap enough to win. With the built-in Leaderboards, you can also compete with people all around the world to see who can create the most cost effective designs. Create your design in seconds with the blueprints editor. If you make a mistake, simply tap the Undo button. Zoom in and out by pinching the screen and pan the view using a two finger drag.

While testing, you can see how the strain is distributed across your design. Areas that are under immense strain are colored bright red, while other areas are colored green. This allows you to find and fix problem areas in your design. The finger test lets you use your finger to push and pull on your design. You can use this with pinpoint accuracy, or you can just smash your design to smithereens. The finger test has an explosive new twist. You can now create explosions by tapping the screen for ultimate annihilation.

The newly added Bomb Shack level includes a dummy with full support for ragdoll physics. Throw him around, blow him up, and smash him against your design. The slow motion feature lets you slow things down so you can see how your design is failing, and it is also incredibly fun to watch explosions destroying your design in slow motion.

* Realistic physics simulation
* Ragdoll physics
* Slow motion mode
* Stress display shows problem areas in your design
* Wide variety of levels!
* Finger Test - smash your design to pieces, or blow it up with realistic explosions!
* Leaderboards
* Save/Load designs
* E-mail your blueprints to your friends

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Cas and her kids like to build structures with marshmallows and spaghetti. The more marshmallows the better

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