Smart Apps For Android: SylvanPlay from Sylvan Learning - a hub for entertainment and education (6 FREE apps for android)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SylvanPlay from Sylvan Learning - a hub for entertainment and education (6 FREE apps for android)

Sometimes it is hard to strike the proper balance of education and entertainment when it comes to apps for your kids.  You want any screen time that you allow to be beneficial, and your kids just want to have fun.  Fortunately, the folks at Sylvan have launched SylvanPlay, a comprehensive, educational mobile game network for kids in 1st through 4th grade.

Sylvan has been a leader in supplemental education for more than 30 years. With more than 800 locations across North America, they are a leading provider of personal learning and tutoring services for students in grades K-12.  They have used this expertise to help design the SylvanPlay network as an educational hub for Sylvan-approved apps that are fun and educational.  These apps are grade appropriate and designed to supplement what your children are learning in school.

SylvanPlay is being launched with a library of eight fun “edutainment” apps.  The network will continue to expand, and additional apps will be added periodically.  The initial library includes apps that help reinforce reading, math, science, strategic thinking, geography… the list goes on and on. These games include:

(If you want to download any of the SylvanPlay apps, you can use the handy little links provided. Currently these apps are free on Google Play.  Only the app's developer can determine when an app is free.)

Descriptions from Google Play

CrittCritter Cruise – Explore the U.S. and Canada on this fun and zany road trip with your favorite critter friends! Playing Sylvan’s favorite game app, kids will enjoy driving to some of North America’s most famous roadside attractions... and getting quizzed in math and language arts along the way.


EquatorEquator – Grab a friend, share an iPad, and get ready for one of the most fun and collaborative math games you’ve ever played! In this game, kids work together to balance math equations and complete puzzles. Kids play through four seasons — summer, fall, winter and spring — with the puzzles growing ever more challenging. As kids reach objectives, they can customize their characters with fun costumes.

Angle asteroidsAngle Asteroids - Danger! Low fuel! Danger! Your spaceship is stranded in the middle of an enormous asteroid field. The only way you can get it out is by carefully adjusting the angle of your craft, so your laser can blast away the incoming asteroids. Get ready for out-of-this-world geometry fun!

Pizza partyPizza Party - Hojo, Dr. Potato, Mr. S, Scuba and Cal are having a party, and it’s up to you to split up the treats. Learn about fractions and solve word problems as you face a variety of challenges, such as sharing cake equally with each guest or giving extra pieces of pizza to hungry party guests.

Sushi Scramble - Grab some pals and an iPad®! It’s time for a fast-paced, word-building game for 2-4 players. Collect letters from the circling sushi boats, and build words to serve hungry sushi-eaters and score points. Learn phonics and spelling in the collaborative mode — or the competitive mode.

Getrocky-iconGet Rocky - Immerse yourself in this exciting tilt-and-slide adventure to the center of the Earth! Digger – a mole, father and intrepid explorer – travels to the center of the Earth in search of his son, Rocky, a young mole with a knack for getting into trouble. Digger slides and spins through six layers, collecting rocks and minerals, and battling subterranean enemies along the way.
(Coming Soon)

Not lostNot Lost in the Universe - Bella, Kip and their alien friend, Borko, have crash-landed on Planet Blarp. They need your help using Blarp’s renewable energy sources to repair their damaged ship, so they can return to Earth.

(Coming soon)

Wonder bunny math raceWonder Bunny Math Race - Join Wonder Bunny and his cute friends in their fun-filled race for carrots! In this entertaining learning game, you help your bunny navigate surprises and challenges along the racetrack on your way to winning lots of carrots. Customize your favorite bunny, and get ready for a fun, action-packed adventure!

SylvanPlay is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, with apps ranging from free to $4.99.  All apps in the SylvanPlay network are free for current Sylvan Learning customers.
SylvanPlay allows you to take dependable, educational content on-the-go, reinforcing what your child is already learning in the classroom.

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