Smart Apps For Android: April is Autism Awareness Month! Look what is happening in the Smart Apps family

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April is Autism Awareness Month! Look what is happening in the Smart Apps family

It has started! April is Autism Awareness Month (AAM) and the Smart Apps family are all about bringing awareness, acceptance and of course, apps! Smart Apps For Kids (our mother site) has an amazing daily list of iOS apps that are free or discounted especially for AAM that can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in therapy apps. Our sister site, Smart Apps for Special Needs, has incredible giveaways all this month beginning with these cool products:

Space Explorers Body Sock (ending April 10)

Space Explorers are the ultimate body sock that has loads of personality in every stretch. Space explorers allow children and young adults to jump, crawl, and pretend while improving sensory integration

Chronicle (ending April 10)
Chronicle is an iOS application that enables teachers to easily implement "best practice" methodologies in their classroom. Using all the features of the iOS platform, Chronicle is a transformative device that empowers teachers by equipping them with an app designed to efficiently inform instruction and chronicle student growth.

Qrcode ID (ending April 10)

When a loved one wanders off, even when he or she is found they often are unable to identify themselves and do not ask for help or carry an ID. QR Codes can be read quickly by any smartphone. QR reader Apps can be downloaded for free from App stores.

And we at Smart Apps For Android have some special posts, apps and lists of apps coming up this month, especially for those whose lives have been touched by autism so watch this space! Keep coming back and sharing our website with your family and friends.

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Cas' daughter has a best friend with autism. Cas is wondering how autism has touched your life.

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