Smart Apps For Android: Big News! Book Creator is now available on Android! Let your child be the storyteller (best educational Android kids apps)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Big News! Book Creator is now available on Android! Let your child be the storyteller (best educational Android kids apps)

This is our BIG news - Book Creator is now available on Android! This amazingly useful app has been reigning over on iOS devices and now comes to Google Play and Google Education. Book Creator lets you easily create your own books for fun or for educational purposes, for work or for leisure. Perfect for creating social stories for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other special needs. So easy to use, Book Creator empowers children to express themselves as well as enabling self-advocacy. Best of all, completed books are published to Google Play Books and can be accessed on other devices. With so many applications for Book Creator, you would be mad not to download it.

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Text, photos, video and audio can all be used to tell a story in Book Creator. Images can be used from the device's camera, gallery or taken from Google Chrome web browser. Video can be shot with the device's camera, imported from the device's gallery or from Dropbox. Just about everything can be customized to suit your child's needs and preferences, making the created stories incredibly personal and relevant to your child. Books can be created to reinforce concepts, to encourage creativity or to present knowledge learned during a research project. Ideal for schools and homeschoolers alike.

Now that Book Creator is available on Android, watch the charts and see it rocket to the top and stay there as the Top Paid Education app for kids. Take a look at some examples of books created with Book Creator on iPad by visiting Pinterest. Do not wait for others to tell you about it - download it for yourself today!

Smart Apps For Android was provided with a free copy of the Book Creator app for android.




No.1 iPad app Book Creator joins Google’s push to take on Apple in the education market

Book Creator is the easy way to make ebooks on your tablet. After three years of success with the iPad app - 4 million books created and no.1 in 60 countries in the iTunes App Store, Book Creator is now available for Android.

The iPad app has found its place as a key educational app in classrooms across the world, putting publishing into the hands of students and enabling teachers to collaborate with classrooms in other countries. With Google ramping up Google Play for Education to take on Apple in the education market, it was an obvious choice for Book Creator to move across to the Android platform too.

Tony Vincent is a former classroom teacher and is now Learning and Technology Consultant at He said:
"Book Creator sits atop my list of the best educational apps for iPad. I’ve used Book Creator with learners of all ages, from kindergarten to adults. Its simplicity is refreshing, allowing authors to focus on their content. I’m so pleased the app is available for Android because this means more students and teachers can be digital book creators."

Dan Amos, Founder of Red Jumper Studio, said:
“The creativity of students using Book Creator and the authenticity of their learning continues to wow us. With Book Creator now available for Android and Google Play for Education we’re excited to bring simple ebook creation to even more K-12 students, teachers and parents and can’t wait to see what they make.”

With Book Creator for Android you can:
* Create books on your Android tablet with an easy-to-use interface
* Add photos and video or record your own audio
* Collaborate on book creation using Google Drive
* Upload to Google Play Books for reading across all your devices
* Export in ePub 3 format ready for submission to the Google Play Store or Apple's iBooks Store

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with Android tablets, 7” and above.
* Requires Android 4.1 or higher

Pricing and Availability:
Book Creator for Android is available exclusively through the Google Play store and Google Play for Education. The app is USD$2.00, GBP£1.50, AUD$3.00 and NZD$3.50.

Founded in 2011 by Dan Amos, Red Jumper Studio's mission is to empower the next generation of content creators. Their app Book Creator for iPad became the No.1 iPad Book app in 60 countries. Book Creator seeks to open digital publishing to all by providing easy to use creation tools that demystify ePub creation.

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The Speech Therapist recently recommended Book Creator to Cas as a useful tool for her daughter to help with her story telling.

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