Smart Apps For Android: Maddie Bear's Snack Time - Free on GooglePlay (good Android apps for kids)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Maddie Bear's Snack Time - Free on GooglePlay (good Android apps for kids)

I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I have a difficult impossible trying time getting my little ones to eat healthy snacks. Mealtimes are usually no problem, but for some reason they want their snacks to be all ho-hos and bug juice (and I don't even keep that stuff in the house... blaming grandma maybe). It's always great to find ways to make healthy snacking fun, and this week I discovered a cute app that offers a fun way to encourage good eating habits.
Maddie Bear is the star of the Maddie Bear books, and now she comes to us in an adorable app designed to teach kids to choose nutritious snacks and avoid the unhealthy ones.  Help her collect fruit and avoid the junk food. Maddie Bear's Snack Time is from GP Animations.
It's free on GooglePlay (and only $0.99 on Amazon) so why not give it a whirl?
If you'd like to read some of Maddie Bear's adventures, you can find her books at

No ads, no in-app purchases, no external links
(disclaimer: Google Play version does have a small banner ad on the instructions screen)
If you'd like to download Maddie Bear's Snack Time, please use one of the handy links below so they'll know who sent you.


Screen shots:

From GooglePlay:
It's Maddie Bear's snack time, but all that's available is junk food! Can you help her collect as much fruit as she can while avoiding soda, candy and cookies? Based on the Maddie Bear book series, this game follows Maddie Bear on her pursuit to find a healthy snack.
- Endless Running Adventure!
- No Ads!
- Kid Safe!
Check out Maddie Bear Books at!


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