Smart Apps For Android: Mr. Peabody & Sherman - hop in the WABAC machine for a trivia trip through time (good FREE apps for android)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman - hop in the WABAC machine for a trivia trip through time (good FREE apps for android)

Would I be dating myself if I told you I remember Mr. Peabody and Sherman from their Rocky & Bullwinkle days?  It was in re-runs, but still... I'd have to hop in the WABAC machine to get back to those days (see what I did there??)
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman app is a tie in to the Dreamworks movie of the same name.  It is a cute and even educational trivia game that takes you through ten different eras.  You have the option to play with friends but it isn't necessary, you can just play along by yourself if you choose. There is certainly enough free content in this app to make it worth checking out.

No ads, in-app purchases (you can purchase more "fuel", but you can play without and wait to refuel each day), external links to play with others (but you can continue to play against only yourself, if you choose)
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Product Description

Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a fun and fast-paced trivia game hosted by that loveable genius, Mr. Peabody. The game also features Sherman and his friend, Penny, who will help you answer questions along your journey.

Travel through time in the WABAC machine as you, your friends and your family compete in Challenge Rounds to answer multiple choice trivia questions from current events categories such as movies, music, sports and more!

Win Challenge Rounds and move on to play Adventure Rounds, where you’ll enjoy fast-paced true or false questions based on interesting historic eras from the movie.

• Connect with and challenge friends around the world!
• Thousands of questions spanning topics like historical events, space exploration, movies, famous people, and more!
• Travel the globe in the WABAC as you progress through 10 unique eras.
• Fun and challenging for all ages: Wrong answers are slowly eliminated and optional power-ups keep gameplay accessible for all knowledge levels.
• Perfect your pedigree and play multiple games at once with different friends!
• Earn awesome Daily Rewards to keep powering your WABAC!

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