Smart Apps For Android: ON SALE - 66% OFF! Sid's Science Fair (best educational Android kids apps)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

ON SALE - 66% OFF! Sid's Science Fair (best educational Android kids apps)

I am so excited to see Sid the Science Kid on sale for Android! This is the first time it has been on sale on Google Play and it is a huge saving. PBS Kids are well known for the quality educational material and this is no exception. 3D characters share their science exhibits and help kids practice patterns, graphing, sequences and more (sounds more like math than science).  Definitely one to add to your PBS collection and a great one for teachers and homeschoolers. Get it now while it is on sale.




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Sid’s Science Fair engages players (ages 3 to 6) in experiential learning with core science and math concepts from classification and identifying patterns to charting and sequencing. Emcee’d by Sid, from the hit series SID THE SCIENCE KID, the app presents three absolutely addictive Science Fair games specially crafted for your curious early learner(s):

Use your interactive magnifying glass to discover fascinating patterns among a wide variety of objects, from butterflies and buttons to keys and coins. Gabriela has fourteen different collections to inspect—and different patterns every time—so this game offers many hours of repeat play!

Think statistics are boring? No, no, no. Not with May and her awesome “Chart It!” game. Players organize her miniature stuffed animals, balloon creatures, origami, silly faces, and other cool stuff on a chart by observing shared traits. These traits can include color, shape, orientation, and more. May has seven different collections, each of which has ten items and three charts.

Get ready to travel through time! Or, rather, to make Gerald’s amazing pictures travel through time… First, choose from among his fourteen picture collections. Then order the pictures into a sequence, such as a snowman melting, candles burning down, a flower growing, or an apple being eaten. Once your sequence is in order (forwards or backwards in time both work!), you can swipe back and forth or tilt your device left or right to watch the time machine in action. But beware! Time machines can have unexpected results…

Sid’s Science Fair from PBS KIDS was developed by Carstens Studios in partnership with PBS and the Jim Henson Company, the producers of the groundbreaking TV series SID THE SCIENCE KID. The series, which airs weekdays on PBS KIDS, uses comedy to promote

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