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Monday, April 07, 2014

Review: Crossword Adventure for Kids (good Android apps for kids)

Bottom Line: A nice introduction to word games for younger children. Help strengthen letter recognition skills and beginning reading skills. This app has a lot of potential and I hope to see it expanded upon in coming upgrades.

Price: Free (lite version) / $0.99 (full version)
Size: 31.1MB
Number of puzzles: 2 (lite version) / 12 (full version)
Tested on Google Nexus 7, Android Version 4.4.2


If you’d like to purchase Crossword Adventure for Kids from Zellis Software, please use the handy links below so they’ll know who sent you.

Free (Lite Version)

$0.99 (Full Version)

Free (Lite Version)

$0.99 (Full Version)


No ads, in-app purchases (in the lite version to upgrade to the full version), no external links
What’s free (in the lite version): two puzzles, must upgrade to full version to unlock all twelve puzzles

About the App:
Crossword Adventure for Kids is a nice way to introduce your kiddo to crossword-type games while working on letter recognition for younger kids on up to spelling for your beginning readers.  The game starts off with what appears much like a simple crossword puzzle, with the letters being shown in gray where they belong on the grid. The user finds the appropriate letter tile down at the bottom of the screen and moves it to the appropriate place.  As each word is completed, your little player is rewarded with a picture of whatever the letters spelled out.  Spell out D-U-C-K and see a cute duck!
The format of the game also helps introduce new readers to the idea of how crossword puzzles work and how words intersect at shared letters. For your readers, who will soon want more of a challenge than just matching the letter tiles to the appropriate letter on the grid, you can switch the game to the “word adventure” option in the settings.  The bulk of the letters are removed from the grid at this point leaving your kiddo with only one or two starting letters per word.  The appropriate clues are shown (in picture form) across the top of the screen and the user must figure out each of the words using the tiles provided. Just like a “real” crossword puzzle.  My seven-year-old will be ready for the NYT Crossword before I know it!
There are additional settings that allow the user to choose the colors of the tiles or to swap between upper- and lower-case letters. Sound can be turned on or off depending on preference, though it is nice with the younger kids to have the additional vocal cues as an educational tool.

What I like:
I’m a sucker for word games, so I liked pretty much everything. As a beginning introduction to spelling and word games, this is right on par with what I would expect for preschoolers to young elementary kids.
What I might change:
I was a little disappointed with the number of puzzles available.  Even in the paid version we blew through them pretty quickly at our house.  I’d like to see additional puzzles added as there are upgrades to the app.  I would also like to see an additional difficulty level added with actual written clues as opposed to just pictures. 
Crossword Adventures for Kids is a good introduction to word puzzles for younger children, bolstering letter recognition skills and early spelling skills.  I’d love to see the developers expand on it a little bit more to turn it into a really solid app.  Definitely download the lite version to give it a whirl to see if it is your kiddo's cup of tea, then upgrade to the full version if it is.


In a time long, long ago (you know, back before she had kids), Kelli used to do the NYT Crossword every single Sunday morning. In pen. Because she used to be obnoxious like that.  Now she’s lucky if she even gets to do the crossword in the TV Guide


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