Smart Apps For Android: Sorting n Learning game for Kids (best educational special needs Android preschool kids apps)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sorting n Learning game for Kids (best educational special needs Android preschool kids apps)

Sorting n Learning is brand new on the app store and helps kids to learn how to classify objects. Three themes are focused on in the app, with the first one being included in the free version and the other two being available via in-app purchasing.  Verbal praise and visual rewards give children with special needs extra support. Great for toddlers or preschoolers as well as kids with special needs, Sorting n Learning is definitely worth previewing.

$0.99 in-app purchase for 2 more themes (IAPs are locked)
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What's free: Food theme
What's not free: Animals and Home themes


   FREE ($0.99 IAP)
Available on Amazon Appstore

   FREE ($0.99 IAP)
Get it on Google Play

The Food theme comes free when you download the app and has about 25 different foods to sort into Fruits, Desserts or Vegetables. I waited and waited for a tomato to appear, just to test the theory of whether a tomato was a fruit or vegetable, but tomatoes are conveniently left out of the app. The foods are named as they appear on screen and are dragged and dropped into the the different categories. When a food is placed in the wrong category the child is told, "uh oh" and with every correct placement a smiley face appears and a chime is sounded. Once all of the foods are sorted, the screen is filled with poppable balloons and the child is cheered.

Sorting and categorizing is a simple but essential skill that is more easily learned by preschoolers through play. I love apps for this purpose, not only because there is no way of losing or breaking any of the pieces involved, but also because it can be done on the go. I also love apps that let you try-before-you-buy and with this one, $0.99 is certainly not going to break the bank for the full version. Go take a look for yourself.




Highly appreciated by teachers and parents; children are having fun classifying and matching 100 Food, Animals & House objects, while improving fine motor skills, acquiring new cognitive skills and building vocabulary.

The Sorting n' Learning game is a newest addition to our educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers - representing a balance between playing & learning. It is a vocabulary teaching aid and provides kids with a good foundation for future math and language skills. It is based on an incredible and innovative concept that will help them:
* Improve categorization & classification skills
* Focus on visual perception and concentration
* Develop cognition and fine motor skills

* Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface
* 3 themes with 3 scenes in each and over 100 different objects to place
* Easy drag & drop game play into appropriately labeled categories
* Animated positioning of objects in each scene
* Wrong sorting attempt notifications
* Smiley animation after each correctly placed object
* Non-competitive, free of timers and scores, the more your children play, the more they practice
* 11 different languages and pronunciations (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)

Privacy Disclosure:
As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app:
* Does not contain any advertising
* Does not collect personal data

Feedback Please:
If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the design and interaction of our apps and games, please visit our website or leave us a message at We would be glad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of our apps and games on a regular basis with new features and also want to get some ideas for future app development.

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