Smart Apps For Android: Apps gone FREE and on SALE from Avocado Mobile (best educational Android kids apps)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Apps gone FREE and on SALE from Avocado Mobile (best educational Android kids apps)

Avocado Mobile (AKA JoyPreschoolGame) have a range of early learning apps available on Amazon and Google Play. The foundational concepts covered include letters, numbers, sight words, money as well as providing apps for fun like Dino Bath and Dress Up. There are a lot of free lite versions of the apps and today we have two paid apps gone FREE as well as another on sale. Definitely worth a look (especially since they are free).

*** Please note: Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. All prices listed are verified at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.**

Amazing Countries - World Geography Educational Learning Games for Kids, Parents and Teachers

   $2.99 NOW FREE for a limited time
Available on Amazon Appstore

After teaching all 50 nifty United States, the cute Hippo will teach the knowledge of 60 World Countries around 6 continents (such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania) and play 8 fancy games with you!

• the maps of 60 countries
• The flags of 60 countries
• The seals of 60 countries
• The capital cities of 60 countries
• The full names and abbreviations of 60 countries
Then you're introduced into 8 funny games exploration. Firstly, enjoying 7 games in each country, and the country will be lit after fulfilling the below games.
1. Flag Jigsaw Puzzles.
Put the pieces back together to show the 60 Country Flags.
2. Seal Slide Puzzles.
Click on a piece which is next to the empty space to move it and slide the puzzle pieces into the right spots to complete the 60 Country Seals.

3. Spell Name.
4. Spell Abbreviation.
Click the letters to spell the abbreviation of each country.
5. Map It.
Drag the country to the correct place on the map.
6. Choose Capital.
What's the capital of the country?Help the Hippo pick it up.
7. Nothing to Do with the Country.
8. Match All.
Match all of the pictures including Country Flags, Country Seals and Country Quarter Coins.

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Animal Preschool! Circus

   $2.99 NOW FREE for a limited time
Available on Amazon Appstore

>> 9 interactive games that teach kids about sequencing, patterning, counting, adding, subtracting and etc.
>> 20 unique animal circus rewards as: Dancing Horse, Balancing Seal, Unicycle Bear, Marching Elephant, Flip Monkey, Slide Fox, Hoop Giraffe, Siding Iguana, Acrobatics Camel….
>> Uninterrupted and unlimited play: game continues as long as the play desires.

The Circus is in town! 20 cute animals have prepared to show their unique, cute and amazing CIRCUS! Before each of their play, your child must finish each of the 9 cute games and activities in a playfully designed arena!

It is recommended to kids ages 3-7.

All animals have magically changed into pieces in circus! So amazing! Put it back together for them and watch their unique circus play!
A mysterious guest is coming to show its circus! Can you guess who is it? Camel and Iguana will give you two choices on board, pls touch the right board! Then the guest will give you a surprising play!
An animal fall down to the arena by balloon! Can you drag the letters to the board to spell it’s name?
Use your addition and subtraction skills to solve math problems.
Animals have prepared to play, but one is hiding in Eggs. Touch the eggs and find it to complete the pattern.
Match pairs of animal hidden behind cards!
Animals have a group of numbers in the right order; Help them complete the sequence with the correct numbers.
The circus cannon fire bubbles and groups of animals are inside each bubble! Use your expertise to figure out which bubble has either most or least animals inside.
Clown loves to blow bubbles! Pop all the bubbles that have the right amount of animals inside before the time runs out!

Animal Preschool Circus is designed to be kid-friendly! There are no complicated menus for kids to get confused by, or multiple options to get lost in. kids presses one button to immediately launch into uninterrupted play.

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ABC Circus-Educational Games for Preschool Kids & Toddlers

   $3.99 NOW $2.99 for a limited time
Available on Amazon Appstore

Walk up! Walk up! ABC CIRCUS! The greatest circus show on earth is about to begin!

“A” is for Playing Ant, “B” is for Unicycle Bear, “C” is for Acrobatics Camel…Playing with 26 amazing circus, kids practice essential skills in exciting games per letter.

1.SHOW: Each of the letters and numbers show its unique circus firstly and attracts kids learning interest;
2.TAP & TRACE: Learn where to start, change direction and finish by 63 animations(26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters and 11 numbers);
3.WRITE: Write the letter by tracing the dots. (each letter has its unique circus dot)
4.PLAY: Play 63 wonderful circuses after write it and you can choose “TRACE”, “WRITE” or “SHOW” by yourself.

You can Customize the 9 games by turning each activity ON or OFF

1 A-Z all 26 uppercase alphabets show, trace and write with 26 cute animal circus.
2 a-z all 26 lowercase alphabets display, tap, trace and write with 26 circus.
3 0-10 all 11 numbers tap, trace and write with 11 animal circus.
4 Identify letters with Canon circus game.
5 Find numbers in bubbles popped by cute Clown.
6 Match the uppercase letters with lowercase letters.
7 Match the animals with correct numbers.
8 Magic ABC song show.

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If you are interested in taking a look at any of the other apps from Avocado mobile, just click on one of the icons below.

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